[3.11 Harvest Softcore] Paws' Bossing/Challenges Service [Warranty/Streamed/Videos]

Best dude
nice cortex ty man
Great guy! Highly recommend :)
Was just asking for help, dude came in and offered me an insurance/rebate on failure. Blacka'd the boss and made some nice chat before dipsetting. Have claps to hand out, will travel (to all servers domestic), tactical, lethal, efficient. Moves like a phantom in the gloom. Warm, cordial, but not overly familiar. Post boss bedside manner rivalling that of 6 star concierges.

This dude is like John Wick but with a little less grumbling and a little more "free lollipop on your way out".
100% recommend! Super friendly, explained everything calmly and smashed Sirius. Would def use in future leagues again :)
Bigup dude
200% recommended, super friendly and even when my internet failed wanted to give me a reimburse for something that was completely my fault.
Super Service . Helps when u need it ;) High Recommend !!!!
Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I updated the OP with some additional info, reworded a few things, and added new videos.

Online now!
Killed Uber Elder for me insanely fast and ez, great guy and patient too! 1000% recommend for any boss kills :)
Killed Shaper Guardian at 100% Delirium for me.Great, fast service.100% recommend.

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