[3.11 Harvest Softcore] Paws' Bossing/Challenges Service [Warranty/Streamed/Videos]

Uber Elder carry, late in league, with twitch stream and good manners.
Really nice guy, has helped me twice with Sirius A8 and Delirium 100% maps :)
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Awesome service, complete Primordial Pool challenge on the first try :) Highly recommend!
Asked for help with the Cortex map, he watched joined my party and watched my stream to coach me through the fight. Ended up not needing him to carry me with his character, but he still was a BIG help in clearing the map.

10/10 would recommend.
This guy ROCKS!

He was extremely patient and helped me through my last challenge to get my wings, he did not charge me anything and still did my maps.

Will recommend him a thousand times over and I'm bookmarking this thread to remember this guy and to tell everyone about him!

Take your time and call him to get your 36/40!
Did my cortex for me very quickly and was very responsive about the process. Very nice person and very helpful as well. Would recommend to anyone needing any of the services provided.
Super great service. Killed A8 sirius like a pro
Some more videos added (Cortex, UElder).

Online now!
Very proffessional! Killed Cortex in no time and let me watch over Twitch Stream. Easy, fun and stress free, amazing service. Anytime again

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