[3.11 Harvest Softcore] Paws' Bossing/Challenges Service [Warranty/Streamed/Videos]

did sirus 8 for me while streaming, very nice person good service
Did cortex and uber elder carry for me quick and easy!
Did maxxed delirium challenge for me in record time!
Rare map at Awakening 8
Shaper Guardian (minotaur)
elder guardian (constrictor)

super helpful and nice! :D
If you see "gfhfg" in chat it's your cue to join the map! lol
Last edited by PinkPummy on Jun 13, 2020, 5:05:58 PM
Got a carry for Uber Elder to finish off one of my last challenges for the league. Quick kill, all in all good & friendly service.
Online now if anyone needs some last minute help!
Thx for nice and fast help - after I failed AGAIN to check my map for physical reflect
Very nice boss kill.

Thx again bro. .)
Online now!
Did my sirus, quick effective very nice. 10/10 would use again
Online now!

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