Mjolner and Block chance Reduction

Hello , ive been testing Mjolner for farm Hall of grandmasters and the damage seems okay for example i can easy kill johnson ES lightning strike build with different skills socketed in mjornel ( without bcr )

but feels like ''block chance reduction gem'' socketed in Mjolner is not working ,i mean mull gubben and scolly gubben blocks all my damage even with bcr ( i kill them with scorching ray ) , is this a bug? or maybe not enough damage from socketed skills in Mjolner ? someone have the same issue? any recommendation?

ive been testing linking bcr in many different cwdt setups but nop
Last bumped on Jun 8, 2020, 11:24:11 AM
You have to link BCR to your main attack, in most cases this is enough.
Mjolner only proc on a successful hit, linking BCR to triggered spells is quite optimistic.
Thanks it works , i tested with a 75/75 block tank troll build

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