Server Maintenance

We'll be taking the realm down for server maintenance in an hour.
Downtime should be less than 15 minutes, apologies for any interruption.
Last bumped on Jun 15, 2020, 2:01:59 AM
GGG pls see

Double or even tripple test this and older mechanic and servers BEFORE release pls!
Also DONT be scared of nerf broken things and buff weak mechanic and uniqs too

cant w8 for new league <3
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GGG Plz get Jousis or some other nutty professor to check the new skill interactions.

Summoned Warrior dudes doing weird stuff with new skills and supports...13 week dev cycle.
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Sweet Ill get tacos
TreeOfDead wrote:

has been done every single league since 1.2.0. Whether you've seen it, it's been happening.
Iss there a patch note for this one?
After downloading the patch from Steam successfully, playing the game results in an error at the main screen:

Login Error:
There has been a patch that you need to update to. Please restart Path of Exile.

I've downloaded it 3 times and the problem persists.

release tags/3.10.2c
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yeah update is making it so I cant log on, restart everything and redownloaded. says I don't have the latest patch
servers still down?
Login Error


Plz fix

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