Flask piano on console

So I know the Flask piano is part of game design by GGG.
However, on console it becomes a challenge to execute because you literally need to stop moving to hit all Flasks. The D-pad on the DualShock is right next to the movement analog stick. Which means if you need to hit the middle 3 flasks, you HAVE to stop moving. Obviously in a game like PoE, stopping movement can be insta death. This problem does not exist for PC players because movement is separate from Flask usage, but it's a serious design flaw for Console users.

Can we have some kind of solution to this? Maybe some kind of macro option or some smart flask thing?
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You can slightly change your grip when needed: put your index finger of the left stick and click d-pad using your thumb while still moving in any direction.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

But "one-button-multiple-flasks" is the must, I agree.
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The solution you are giving applies to the Xbox controller I guess, because the movement stick is above and to the left of the D-pad. For the PS4's DualShock, it's the other way around with the analog stick being at the bottom. So there is no way to use any other finger to control movement to be able to Flask in parallel.
I was surprised and laughed reading above suggestion, how can one control movement using index finger and the thumb on dpad on ps4 controller, until i notice the person using xbox.

I prefer GGG "nerf" this mechanic on console by allowing us to assign multiple flasks on single button. I usually stop and tap 2-3 flasks and yes that can be fatal. Please GGG consider this solution for console players.
I play PS4 he never had to stop moving to hit flasks. Use index finger to hit up, right and then left flasks. Yeah you don’t do them all perfectly at the same time but it’s close enough. And obviously use middle finger of left hand for l1 and either index or middle finger for r1 button. You’ll get used to it in 10 minutes. And you can kind of roll your finger over the buttons you don’t have to actually press the individually
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