Summoned zombies endless groaning

Please add an option to disable or at least lower the sounds summoned minions make.

I just tried out a spectre build as a test league starter and I can't stand listening to the endless loud groaning of zombies in my hideout. I don't want to disable all sound effects just to get rid of the groaning.
Last bumped on Jul 1, 2020, 6:29:10 AM
This is a regression of an old problem:
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By regression do you mean it was improved previously but now that improvement somehow regressed?

To be honest I stopped playing early last league partially because the repetitive zombie moaning was just souring the rest of the experience, so when I saw (well, heard) that it was still as bad as I remember I figured that it was still waiting to be fixed. If I know it's an issue that is acknowledged and will be addressed when it can be, then I don't need to try posting about it to get visibility on the issue.

And, to be clear, I'm not complaining about the quality of the sound. It's perfectly decent zombie moaning. It's just that it is so frequent that with the horde of zombies I run with it becomes very repetitive within only a minute or so.

P.S. Not related, but so I'm not just complaining, I noticed and really appreciated the new sound effect on blight. Good work on that. ^_^=b
lol yes!!!

maybe they could divide the sound effects into two categories. one category for non-informational sound effects - like zombies groaning, and the other for the sound effects you want to hear because they tell you something - for example, your skills have hit something.

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