Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

Removing Stun from Cyclone is never a good thing. Stun immunity while channeling Cyclone is what keeping us alive for the most part. Strike Attack skills and Spell Casting skills have the advantage of Attacking and Casting then use travel skills to avoid incoming Hits whereareas in Cyclone, you need to keep on channeling to keep the stages up. This is a joke GGG. Channeling is not even immune to freeze and chill thus, this is a huge nerf on Cyclone. If you're going to remove stun, at least remove the movement skill penalty so we can dodge real time hits to avoid being stunned.

On top of that, removing Physical Damage from Dual Wielding is a huge nerf. If you're going to remove Physical Damage, at least buff the Attack Speed so it is still viable and worthy of being called the King of Speed. Dual Wielding items are already expensive enough to craft or buy than Two-Handed weapons and nerfing it will feel like wasting currency comparing to Two-Handed Weapons which had OP stats such as Starforge and Voidforge. And what's more, you're nerfing Starforge and Voidforge as well? Come on, GGG. You're ruining our fun.

Hope you think this through GGG, otherwise, these two will not be worth building in the future leagues. Many of your MTX have Cyclone Skill Effects, 8 of them. Now it feels like its not worth buying anymore. I even bought Automaton Cyclone Skill Effect for myself and it feels like I will not get my money's worth while reading this thread. Rethink this GGG, some of us still want to play Standard with the characters we built and loved on temporary leagues so don't take that away from us. Some of us is still planning on making other builds without you nerfing the hell out of the ones we already built.
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OMG RIP : dual wielding T_T

but wtffff!!!! whyyyy !!!!!!! :
"Critical Strike Multiplier values have been lowered from almost every passive, as well as from some items. Critical-based characters far-exceeded non-critical characters later in the game; this will bring the two a little closer together. "
No impale nerfs? surprised but also glad
zacharyship wrote:
uh oh cyclone bois big mad

Just play slayer and ignore it! xD
"stealing Hexproof from enemies will now clear all curses off you."
Really?.....who makes these plain dumb changes -.- kinda sad that the people changing balance very clearly do not play the game at any meaningful level and just nerf what reddit cries about.

edit: let me correct myself, nerf is not the correct word.
Totally destroy is more accurate. There are officially no more chase items in the game, rip.
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JinLee1337 wrote:
TheRealDeria wrote:

I don't think dual-wield was exceptionally overpowered; it had a place beside 1h/shield. Now, I honestly can't see someone choosing dual-wield. It will either be 2H or 1h/shield. The benefits of a second weapon just aren't attractive enough on their own to compete with a shield.

the savior likes to disagree

If you have to pull out a sword like "The Savior" for making your case, you've already lost. At least put in something that's affordable to players.
As a fan of stun builds, these changes make me sad :(

"Your build now works 60% of the time, all of the time!"
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Just went through all of this...

So, the entire manifesto is nothing but "Hey, we nerfed everything we mentioned in this thread to the ground. But - the stupid 2h melee, which will still be slow and suicidal to play with - will get more AoE! Look how great we are at balancing stuff".

"We also made sure that the changes to dmg numbers on 2-handers won't allow you to perma-stun bosses anymore, so tough luck".
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

Allies cannot die, Porcupines and a clusterf**k of on-death effects - NOBODY WANTS THAT.
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I will never buy any supporter packs or mtx again, i don't want ppl who made this get paid ever in life.
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Blueblacklion wrote:
Everything complaining about power creep and everything being "too easy" and if they adress it they nerf too much. I think ggg did a great job at rebalancing things especially with the weapons. Why would DW get extra physical dmg anyway. Its as they said DW for Speed, Shield for surviveability and 2h for big dmg hits.

100% agree with u, ppl just complain about nerfs

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