Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

JinLee1337 wrote:
TheRealDeria wrote:

I don't think dual-wield was exceptionally overpowered; it had a place beside 1h/shield. Now, I honestly can't see someone choosing dual-wield. It will either be 2H or 1h/shield. The benefits of a second weapon just aren't attractive enough on their own to compete with a shield.

the savior likes to disagree

You're not wrong, but that weapon is also going to be abused with some of the new mechanics most likely.

If that item was, by itself, making dual-wield so powerful then probably the item itself was the issue that should have been corrected.
I've never been so disappointed in my life.

What if you
wanted to have fun
but GGG said
"fuck you"
POPTOP wrote:
Rip utility skill. I dont use cyclone as a main skill, as its really good utility for a melee-ish summoner. "Phasing" through mobs and being able to turn on stun immunity in crowded situations is needed. As an actual "melee" char with no investment in aoe or dmg for cyclone, this nerf will hit me harder than someone who fully invests in both. If this is the intention, then by all means, but if the intent is to counter the newly added beefed up 2handed melee, then it not the right way. Subjective oppinions aside, ill make you a deal, gimme my utility stun immunity, and give cyclone "point blank". The closer enemies are the more dmg you do, or in other words, the further they are the less dmg you do. This should accomplish not only the suspected intent, but also bring cyclone back to being more of a "melee" skill.
- Sincerely a concerned cyclone civilian ;D

OK. I've read enough Cyclone posts. Cyclone should not have had stun immunity in the first place. More important, there are many other ways to get stun immunity, and phasing for that matter. Use the skill tree or potions or crafting or a unique item that grants the ability.
The changes to stun are definitely going to be a problem for a lot of builds; there are many builds whose primary mechanic is stun-locking the enemy as much as possible.
so there is a difference between nerf-ing and kill-ing you guys from GGG should understand that not everyone wants to change the game play / game stile especially new players that come to your game if obviously you want new players to the game ... i understand nerf right from... 450% aura effect to 300% but from 450% to 40% ... i believe someone is taking the wrong decisions ... i want to play passively i don`t want to die if it takes 3-4 extra minutes to kill something i don`t mind but to die 400 times in less than 3-4 days that is unacceptable and like me there are a huge amount of players out there what about us ? is this game strictly for pros? because in my 25 years of experiece with ARPG`s / MMORPG`s (RPG in General) the game any game is formed by noobs(like me) and the vast majority of players never end up having a true meta build ... i love my Buffer ( aura bot ) how you guys are calling it ... and you are telling me now that i need to stop playing it because it is literaly useless yes? well that is simply unacceptable like i said add builds to the game don`t just kill them... that is what you should do ... and i agree with nerf-ing OP builds but not killing them what is the point in playing a game that where i know that tomorrow everything i have will worth nothing ? if that happens over x number of leagues i get that like it happened with the 2-handed weapons in time they lost their touch well that is fine but all of the sudden to go from 450% to 40% ... that is next level i hope someone reads this and understands that the newbie(noobs) want to play too and until i will have 3-4 years here i would really want to play a build that is simple i don`t want to do 5 exalted / hour i want to do them 5 days ... if you take my only way to do that how will i ever learn the game ? seriously in 3 weeks since i play the game i was more on websites reading about this and that and now i need to start again ? nah man... if there will be again builds that i get 1 shot and i need to position and do this and that i`l have to go back to the competition ... and i believe that allot of players are having the same things at least i know that i can still use a build even after 3 years i`m sorry i`m a Taurus and i HATE CHANGE

Even without having the correct Values yet, i can already say my Build lost at least 30% Damage. You say you wanna Balance things and bring them closer togheter, but what you actually do is cutting Stuff so hard that most People just wont play it anymore. Really don't understand this. Buff 2H and brind it in Line with the Rest would have been enough, but no...
All changes make sense (in the grand scheme of things). Losing the poison immunity sucks though....
Balance? Where? All i see is equaling to weaker things all over again.
Why not buff 2handers to power of dual wield? Why you have to give them like 10% buff and nerf dual wield so they can be at par?
Herald cluster, ye it was broken, but 40% for using 5 skill gems and play around reservations and so on? rare 4mod jewel will give you more than 40% dmg.
In some sentences feels like no one at GGG playing their game at all.
2/10 will play.
Many of the new Warcries and the new Fist of War support for Slam skills greatly benefit slower attacks, synergising very well with Two Handed Weapons. There are now many powerful options to invest in for slow attacks, rather than the handful of mechanics that existed previously.

Many existing Unique items with Warcry related mods have been changed significantly, with some giving entirely new effects, most notably the Warbands shields.

ehhh... Berserker notable incoming to use 2-handers with shields?
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