Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

Two-handed weapons buffed to achieve easier stuns..

bosses now become immune to stuns for a short duration after being stunned.

Most major bosses and Map bosses have a stun immunity duration of two seconds.

well maybe not, stun bossing is dead!
The META just flipped boys.
1h & VMS buffs when :(
not that bad
TreeOfDead wrote:
ty GGG for all ur work and for awesome game!

GGG pls test more before release and prepare servers more for start and also dont be scared to nerf broken or very strong and buff weak and very useless stuff pls!

ty <3

They not gonna do it. Every time. Every league people asking to do it. But they will not do it. First couple hours for any game have the same issue. There are no point to rush. Just play.
RIP Stormbrand or Brands in most situations.
For clear totally bullcrap now. I'd understand if they only did like 5 jumps at maximum but instantly reset? That's too rough.

And probably RIP mist dual wield builds. Yes it was OP but completely removing the added damage... Will be at least a killer for 3 builds.

Well, gonna go 2H then.
What is this path of nerfs 2.0?
Lots of builds gutted
Miner it is.

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