Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

Thanks for the post GGG, and thanks for being salty posters! This'll be hilarious to go through for days XD
CWendelboe wrote:
npavcec wrote:
To be honest, I am the most concerned about crit multi nerf since they haven't given the numbers. The idea that non-crit and crit should be more in-line is absurd. Crit gear is usually 10 times more expensive.. why shouldn't crit builds then deal 4-5x more damage?

The reason crit gear is so much more expensive is because it is currently so much better. If it is not so much better going forward, it will not be nearly as expensive....
crit is still going to be miles better as many people have said before crit isnt the problem rt needs a buff like ele over load gets crit will still give far more damage and probably more necessary than before due to dw nerf flat phys to gems removed and will now be extremely expensive because as i said t1 multi rolls are now far more important on weapons/gear remember every 100 multi is 1x multiplier to your damage
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hi brittle
You're already buffing 2h, why nerf dual wield?
This league is gonna [Removed by Support],why you guys dont invest time to make melee great as spell... [Removed by Support]! The last time i saw someone speedrunning with a melee was before Sunder nerf,great job ggg now i have to invest 200ex with a dual wielding to get de same dps as a 30ex spell build.
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cgexile wrote:
leto2626 wrote:

We all know Storm Brand with Brand Recall was stupid with Archmage, but then why do you need to nerf Brand Recall AND Archmage AND Fevered Mind AND %mana increase items ? Can't you see nothing will remain ? This is not how you balance a gem introduced last league, I'm sorry. It was interesting building with mana, but with quadruple nerfs it's not even worth trying anymore.

Waaaaaait a minute here... the page prior I read:

leto2626 wrote:
We need a 'Skip all "They nerfed MY build GG GGG" posts' button. Suddenly only 5 pages of 'FIRST' posts from 12 year olds and 1 page of normal replies remain.

If I understand this right, your feature would remove your second post?? :D heh.

demsdal wrote:
two handed weapons are flawed by design they hit hard and slow in a game where it matters most to kill monster fast and you can scale damage very hard so too so you end up with the options of one shot trash mobs 50times over slowly or oneshot them and be the fastest fast

This is the thing GGG never gets. "slow" could mean that how many hits per second you do is slower. But in POE slow means "slow motion swing"

Meaning it feels like shit to play it even when you only want to take one swing per pack because the damage is big. No one wants to feel like shit so these changes will be useless.

"added risk versus the reward of big damage"

LOL we can do big damage by swinging fast and this HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE BEST WAY TO DEAL THE MOST DAMAGE big hits are a newb trap.

faster =
smoother feeling
better for defense
better for crits
better for leeching
better procs of mods
higher up time on EO and such
accuracy matters much less in fact it only matters for DPS min/maxing and not at all for "feel".

slower =
shit feeling
everything is inconsistent
having to kill "stragglers" is infuriating because you attack slow
Crit feels bad
EO (and others) feel REALLY FUCKING BAD

SO GGG good job showing that over 8 years now you still have no clue what people playing your game care about and WHY.

But hey good job designing your game for an audience you simply DO NOT have any more since Clear speed meta became the only way for the game to feel rewarding.

Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
Igolac wrote:

this will make crit gear even more expensive you lemon because people will need t1 rolls omg do you even play poe

Crit gear will be worth less because non-crit gear will be valued more. Less ppl will want to buy crit items if they can achieve the same damage as non-crit gear gives them.

I'm afraid he's right. Crit gear will be worth more than now because people will want to juice every last drop of crit multi in gear and jewels.
POE market runs that way.
Crit gear will be worth more because it works and it's harder to find.
It will be worth less when crit multi will be a worthless suffix.
That's not the case now.
RIP Harold.

Certainly needed to happen, I'd be interested to see if anything semi-viable would be an option after the changes. I've played a lot of aura bots over the years, it was fun to finally be able to take full benefit of all those myself, just a shame it was to brokenly OP levels.

Almost a shame RMR is untouched, I agree with Sirgog on that; the exponential benefit of RMR just meant that the high budget versions just got exponentially more insane.

Most changes make sense for the long term health of the game, some look like they may be heavy-handed but can always be brought back up next league.

Looking forward to patch notes.

Edit: Hi BrittleKnee
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