Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

Does Ghostcrawler work at GGG now? "People are having fun playing a build! Alright then. We will nerf it to the ground and make it unplayable. That'll fix 'em".
Seems like a Blizzard mentality has invaded the GGG studios. "Let's make everyone play the same thing and that's how we will balance the game".
We get it - you want to promote Two-handers. Why mess with dual-wield? Will the person/s who worked on the T-Hers be butt hurt if only 20% of the players want to try the revamped skills out?
People loved the Storm Brand play style; why gut the crap out of it and make it unplayable? A small nerf would have done the job. Why wreck Archmage? Who cares if it gets more than one league to shine?
Just remember this everyone who leaps on the Two-Hander bandwagon and loves the playstyle. Two-Handers will be nerfed to the ground in 3.12 if they prove powerful this league and your new found loved playstyle will be trashed.
And to all the people calling "crybaby" or saying they are enjoying watching others be upset. Crying about the crybabies makes you a... and getting enjoyment from other people's pain is pathetic at best. People put untold time and energy into PoE, maybe some are overreacting (no me of course ;-), but finding out that some of your joy is taken away, or that your favorite playstyle is gone, is a bitter pill to swallow.
Stop nerfing fun builds to the ground Ghostcrawler. I know you're reading this with glee you bastard.
PsOfOs wrote:
Igolac wrote:

this will make crit gear even more expensive you lemon because people will need t1 rolls omg do you even play poe

Crit gear will be worth less because non-crit gear will be valued more. Less ppl will want to buy crit items if they can achieve the same damage as non-crit gear gives them.

I'm afraid he's right. Crit gear will be worth more than now because people will want to juice every last drop of crit multi in gear and jewels.
POE market runs that way.
Crit gear will be worth more because it works and it's harder to find.
It will be worth less when crit multi will be a worthless suffix.
That's not the case now.
some one that actually agrees with me [Removed by Support]
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GGG Why you hate melee builds?

There are many powerful builds (like spells and minions) that it would be nice if you nerf them for gaming balance.

If you want to make player to play with another dead skills, don't you think you need to buff them instead of nerfing the one that are ok?

You have empowered the monsters and bosses, so shoudn't you buff player skills or stats too?

Finally, nerfing the crit multiplier of all the skill tree because critical builds do more dps than non-critical ones? Do you know how many points players need to allocate to get make their critical dps work well???
Don't you think if non-crit builds don't do enought dps like crit builds, you just have to buff them?

It seems like someone didn't take the time to analyze the game.
i forsee Herald of Purity not being used much ;)

If more Phys Dmg then 12% is not even close to enough ... Lions Roar gives 25 % and there are way more then enough ways to get MORE Phys Dmg.

I get that you wanted to nerf Dual-Wield a bit .... But all in all that seems over excessive...

EVERYTHING Melee seems to have been nerfed ... accept for maybe 2-Handed ....

i.e. I played a Champion, Dual Wield, Claws, Cyclone, Impale Build last League.

Considering that Herald Stacking was compeltly OP in Delirum it recieved nerfs but not that many compared to the Build mentioned abvoe.

-No more Deep Cuts
-Dual Wield get hit Hard
-Herald of Purity got basicly deleted from the Game
-Crit got nerfed

i Mean i will definatly wait for the Patch Notes and PoB Update and then start fidling around with a new Build. But i don't understand why that playstyle got hit THAT hard ...

The Teaser looked like it would be a Melee League and i was excited. NOW ? I am most likly playing a spell build...... maybe ..... maybe a 2-Handed one ... but that depends on how it feels ...
The Risk going for a 2 Handed Build which then feels clunky is just way to big of a Time Investment for me ....
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CWendelboe wrote:
npavcec wrote:
To be honest, I am the most concerned about crit multi nerf since they haven't given the numbers. The idea that non-crit and crit should be more in-line is absurd. Crit gear is usually 10 times more expensive.. why shouldn't crit builds then deal 4-5x more damage?

The reason crit gear is so much more expensive is because it is currently so much better. If it is not so much better going forward, it will not be nearly as expensive....
this will make crit gear even more expensive you lemon because people will need t1 rolls omg do you even play poe

No. You are so wrong it’s not even funny. You think t1 rolls won’t get nerfed too??

If they nerfed Crit into the ground Crit gear would cost alchs. A mid nerf and it will just bring the price down modestly.

I swear people on here have no idea how this stuff works.
Thanks for the much needed nerfs, loving what you've shown so far!
bota tu gaaaaa!
eucario01 wrote:
bota tu gaaaaa!


Knowing myself, I'll still go for a dual wield build next league. And if it looks bad, then 2 hands weapons will be a backup.
Dont mind me, just getting free salt for my soup of harvested veggies with cyclone and two swords sprinkled on top
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