Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

Not nerf related. But what is all this [Removed by support]?

I thought it was for swearing. Then I see f-bombs being dropped.
I don't know anything about the game and I wanted to try this new league. How do I know if a build is viable or not? I wanted to try a Pathfinder with Toxic Rain or Guardian Summoner
rip cyclone all I heard was BRAND GOT BUFFED everything else got nerfed ! LMAO FAIL !
thank god I don't play melee or crit builds. Jesus.

Do you guys even understand what crit is supposed to do? It's SUPPOSED to make your DPS better than if you didn't use crit. Regular non-crit builds' dps should not be "in line" with crit builds. That's just stupid.
Tr1d wrote:
We've made some changes to the Hierophant, Chieftain and Berserker.
Why the fk ain't scion mentioned here, they better buff the fk out of that useless ascendancy the only fking reason she was played last league was heralds, there is NO build for scion that is equal or better than a proper ascendancy. You are literally shooting yourself in the foot if u chose to play scion.

Oh, and here I thought that I'm the only one here (naive enough) hoping for Scion re-balance. :)

How sweet. They are too busy with nerfing, oh sorry... "balancing"...

Really hope that there will be a good alternative soon and then they can just stick their balance soooo deep first into their own, then into each other's ... you know where.
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Looking forward to increased build diversity and the opportunity to find more ways for Jousis to break things with Arcanist Brand.

AtrejuDakah wrote:
i forsee Herald of Purity not being used much ;)

If more Phys Dmg then 12% is not even close to enough ... Lions Roar gives 25 % and there are way more then enough ways to get MORE Phys Dmg.

I get that you wanted to nerf Dual-Wield a bit .... But all in all that seems over excessive...

EVERYTHING Melee seems to have been nerfed ... accept for maybe 2-Handed ....

i.e. I played a Champion, Dual Wield, Claws, Cyclone, Impale Build last League.

Considering that Herald Stacking was compeltly OP in Delirum it recieved nerfs but not that many compared to the Build mentioned abvoe.

-No more Deep Cuts
-Dual Wield get hit Hard
-Herald of Purity got basicly deleted from the Game
-Crit got nerfed

i Mean i will definatly wait for the Patch Notes and PoB Update and then start fidling around with a new Build. But i don't understand why that playstyle got hit THAT hard ...

The Teaser looked like it would be a Melee League and i was excited. NOW ? I am most likly playing a spell build...... maybe ..... maybe a 2-Handed one ... but that depends on how it feels ...
The Risk going for a 2 Handed Build which then feels clunky is just way to big of a Time Investment for me ....

You have to compare Herald of Purity to the other Heralds/Auras. 12% more phys damage is massive for 25% reservation. It will add more damage for 25% reservation than any other aura on a phys based or phys to ele conversion build.
GGG, I really don't understand why every league we have to implement buffs that are overshadowed by subsequent nerfs. I wholeheartedly agree with the decision to remove past injuries from the Brittle Knee and reintroducing as the Malleable Appendage... but was it really necessary to remove the ability to use the Left Arm?

It's not like Malleable Appendage being introduced in addition would have broken the game. Using both that and Left Arm in the same build would be extremely niche and I doubt would hurt the game at all.

Anyways, thanks for all the work you do and happy memes folks. Looking forward to playing Harvest.
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So many whiners and butt-hurt meta bois... It's hilarious. The sky is falling... it's Path of Nerfs... nothing ever gets buffed!!!!!

Really? Go to youtube and google a PoE open beta promo video and watch the gameplay footage, then compare that to whatever you were doing in Delerium and tell me that nothing gets buffed, only nerfed.

I'm offering 50ex to any of you sad-sack whiners for a half gallon container of your frustrated rage tears so I can savor the taste in my coffee each morning as i'm having fun in Farmville. LMFAO.
That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.
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