Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

Well thats what GGG been really made of...
From 10 ppl 9 just disagree with those new upcoming "buffs and balances", but ofc. they just dont care, till everyone is keep funding them with load of money. They are more than happy with the streamers and notorious supporter-packers.

I was here since 1.11 with a few skips, went through of different new mechanics and "balancing" patches, saw fun builds got killed with a single move(just a few iconic like ST, shatterchuck or Zerphi's bodyswap VD madness from back then) but sadly this is the point where I got disgusted more than ever.

It was fun for a good chunk of time, with mixed feelings. Now it is the same... somehow bittersweet, but it is time to move on and leave once and for all.

So good luck to everyone with the upcoming leagues and patches!

As my final words, I just really hope that once this game will shine again as bright as before and not goes on with this overcomplicated and poor game design and with this "path of nerfs" mentality.

And the most reliable question from the game:
"Still sane, Exile?"
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Rip Purposeful Harbinger :(
All i can say is:
I can´t wait to have the PoB update and craft new Builds.
In my opinion, this is part of PoE.

And yes i fully understand people are not happy, that their old build isn´t as strong as it was before.
But most of the builds find their way back to the top. Just in another way.

Anyway i wish all a good start in the new Harvest league :)
Game on fellow exiles!
Congratulations on ruining Dual-Wield, I hope your proud of what you have done
OverBuff and overNerf to keep fresh the game..... bit disapointed here.... not suporter pack this league again sry.
Luckily melee is only a minority group of the elite players.

Most of the elites are actually playing shadows and witches.

Imagine nerfing shadows and witches. The reactions can bankrupt GGG.
imagine supporting this company lol. we have to play what they want + give them money?? not me anymore.

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I played a lot Necros... nerfed few times, I changed and tried Herald stacking guardian... nerfed... Storm Brand.... nerfed... Archmage ... nerfed... everything is nerfed, it becomes so annoying :( Does GGG still want peoples playing to their game ? Is it an invitation to skip this league ? I really don't know what to play :(
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They change things that never been change. Lab system still there (new league, and you will spend time doing runs??) Atziri runs, same...
The best way i found to avoid oneshoot mechanics for melee, is... Dps>defense, and now its a bit gone.
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lab changes when? why GGG cant stop scam with uniq jewels reward?
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