Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

You guys talking about heralds has me excited for the future, i love the heralds in general as a skill, seeing some love for them or even new ones would be really awesome.
No slayer buff i'm kind of sad but nice manifesto overall i love it
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...
Why does "balanced" have to mean unusable? this is very disappointing on all fronts

F cyclone
F HH selfcurse
F pantheon
F archmage
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hey guys we're buffing 2h weapons by nerfing dual wield. lol.

lets be honest HH selfcurse should have been nerfed a while ago.
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Everything complaining about power creep and everything being "too easy" and if they adress it they nerf too much. I think ggg did a great job at rebalancing things especially with the weapons. Why would DW get extra physical dmg anyway. Its as they said DW for Speed, Shield for surviveability and 2h for big dmg hits.
buffing 2h by nerfing DW ... i rly wonder who's brainfart at the GGG office this was ... and also nerfing Starforge and even Hege i mean wtf ya sure Starforge had high top end dmg but have u guys seen what a rae 2hander can do and it doesn't have to be mirrir tear either to bust Starforge ...all this talk about Harvest and making 2hand attractive all you guys did was killa ny hype for melee for me

Had fun with Archmage storm brand, look like its dead now... :(
bye headhunter self curse i guess 4Head
So now both 2H and DW will be just... average. Neither bad or good.

Yeah, no more melee for me then. This is going to be your typical bow/caster/miner league.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

Allies cannot die, Porcupines and a clusterf**k of on-death effects - NOBODY WANTS THAT.
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Does the DW nerf only involve removal of the "20% more dmg while dual wielding"? I know deepcuts is now legacy but for those of us that like to play standard we already have the jewels
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