Crowdfunded Harvest SC SSF noMods (SmallLadder) 10+ppl 40days mini

Hi there,
I'm making a small Harvest SC SSF League for those interested, its Crowdfunded, starting at 10 slots and 40 days, (i'm crowfunding 100pts for the moment, each player can Fund for 20pts, and i will add more slots if more people wants to join.
At least the chat will no be polluted by bots and sellers and you will still be able to talk and ask questions or stuff.

Time could be Extended later but usually 40Days is a fine starting point.
Ask me if interested^^.

The league will have 0-Mods, just to play with a smaller ladder.

Instant link to get in with us :

Current players in :
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please at least 1 mod so boring vanilla
I've tried some 1-2weeks full modded ssf hc leagues it was fun, but this one is to enjoy the regular full league just with fewer ppl.

I don't see the point of having only 1-2mods, just extra damage to die more isn't appealing to me, either is regular for a long time or full modded for a short time full challenge in my opinion XD.

But feel free to open one of your taste^^.
Nice, I'd gladly join as the other private league is currently full :) applied
Come say hello
I usually stream mornings CET
Nice you'r in Nouch^^
Im going to apply this is my first private league but i learn fast :P
No problem you are added^^.
I guess if we are still 4 only playing it, better abort it no ?
I'm waiting until tomorrow to see if more ppl join but 10 would have been great^^'.

What do you thing about it ?
I'm still up for it, I'll throw in extra points if needed later today
As long as people are fine with it, i'm fine too, i still hope the last half who join can contribute a bit^^'.

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