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Crowdfunded Harvest SC SSF noMods (SmallLadder) 10+ppl 40days mini

Thanks for the one(s) who just contributed, i have found 40more (i think there is still 1-2ppl who didn't, the last ones, not sure i can't check haha^^)

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I put in additional 80 points, leaving rest to you guys

Should we use a global channel?
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Ho it was you, thank Fluent

So i did 140,
Fluent did 100,
Nounch did 20

It would be great if the last 2 ppl could do their 20pts part ^^'

Since we may be only 5 yep maybe global is fine, not sure if we can have global + private channel opened at once in tabs ?
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Global should be better, might have people trailing in after launch so you could edit the main post at the front page to include a global channel which ppl who apply can go to and ask for invite to the league if it isn't public
Yep sure^^, i hope a few more will join later, around 10-20ppl its funny

What build are you starting with Fluent ?
After 20security token error to finish the 40pts to found, i finnally made it ^^'

Well :
There is 5 Free slots open for more ppl then, feel free to apply.

Link to get IN :
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