So kids are now calling people "boomer" who're 30 and over?

Real cute. Anyone heard the term "boomer" thrown around like this? A boomer is like a 70 year old person. But now, it's anyone 30 and over.
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Imagine caring about what a clueless, inexperienced, wet-behind-the-ears, Zoomer thinks or says.

They dont even know how to get a stamp and mail a letter, or open a door that isnt keyless or bluetooth.
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If faith in humanity is best represented by your confidence in the new generation, then I've pretty much lost all hope at this point. I don't care anymore, do your worst.
You don't have to be a boomer to be a boomer and just because you are a boomer doesn't mean your a boomer, but you my friend sound like a boomer.
Any person that attempts to diminish another by employing a derogatory term speaks more about themselves than their intended target.

And a Boomer is an adult male kangaroo, or an alternate name for the mountain beaver, or a colloquial name for the American red squirrel, or the greater prairie chicken (a type of grouse native to North America).

Mountain beaver, seriously. It's like I'm listening to an episode of Benny Hill!

For clarity, this post is not aimed at Epicurwin whose post I greatly enjoyed. I realised however that as it immediately follows his post it could be interpreted that way so I wish to dispel that notion.
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My kids are teenagers, they have assured me that I am not a Boomer.
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Disclaimer: I am not an expert on linguistics, I believe this term has other uses than what is described below, and I have no idea what zoomers do in general. Also this is from a USA middle class cis white male perspective.

To give a more serious answer, my understanding is that it is used to identify a person that believes their own life experience is enough to judge other people. This is most commonly related to generation differences which is how I think the term originated. Older generations typically had a more conducive environment to getting their adult life started on the right foot. Cheap higher education, cheaper healthcare and healthcare being paid more or entirely by employers, better unions, higher wages compared to the cost of living. Obviously these aren't the only differences, there are variations for individuals and disadvantaged groups, like people of color, would look at this time period differently. Boomer as a derogatory term is being used to describe people that just ignore these differences and thus think millennials and younger people are whiners. Note that this means that someone could be in the boomer generation and not a "boomer" and the other way around. Boomer may be derogatory but the amount of hate articles directed at millennials was one of the reasons the term started to be used.

Also, loosing faith in the young generation because you don't understand them is the most boomer ass thing I've ever heard.
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Epicurwin wrote:

Also, loosing faith in the young generation because you don't understand them is the most boomer ass thing I've ever heard.

I have yet to see a "Die soon so I can have the world I want, Millennial" comment. Seen plenty of "Die soon, Boomer" comments. Also seems to be a generational difference. ='[.]'=
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