[3.12] Aziire's Earthshatter Juggernaut - Screenwide Slamming! | League Starter

Thanks for the guide! I'm planning to use it in Harvest SSF and wonder what are your suggestions for rares in helmet, belt and flask slots. Not very experienced with melee/physical in SSF, so I'd appreciate some tips. Cheers :)
At this point I love your build but dude... Literally asked for a replacment for dash and enduring cry is great... but then i got 100% dash distance in uber lab and now its too good not to use. feels pepega man

- Zoom Zoom is not really the play style of this build

- Some might find buffing our attacks annoying, not a 1 button build

OOF... should have read before I started this thing. Two big no-no's.
Gave this build a try this season and I would like to share my impressions so far.

When leveling I tried doing it with Earthquake first but once I really compared EQ and Earthshatter, Earthshatter took the cake - by far. The skill has way more POW to it and you really feel the heavy impact of that gigantic smash.

Thats a cool thing and all but as it turns out its also pretty bad in some situations. Doing Atziri for example is pretty shitty with this build. You take pretty long to wind up your attack (1-2sec) and that is valuable time in these fights. I died way too often because of that cause I was caught in this super long attack animation. The other thing that was "meh" is the fact that at Atziri you basically cant use your shouts most of the time. If you do during her split phase, you're dead. To make matters worse, if you want to do damage without shouts, you have to hit the target multiple times but then you have the problem with the windup again and thats even worse when you're fighting her during split phase.

On maps though this build was fun. You jump into a pack, you smack it once and everything is dead. Still not nearly as fast as some fotm builds but still. Pretty decent build overall.

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Since we're using Brutality, what flask do you recommend instead of Atziri's Promise?
Hey guys, I am using this too and seems a lot of fun. I have a question though but I apologize if it's very newbish, many mechanics are not entirely clear to me.
How come the build doesn't go impale (except with the Unique hammer)? Is it just preference or is there something that would make impale inferior?
Also again sorry if the question is silly but does it work to use Dread Banner without having Impale support socketed in? I thought Dread Banner would only work if Impale was already slotted but I assume I'm wrong?
AziiRe wrote:
After this reply I'm going to rock Seismic + Intimidating + Enduring.

Awesome build thank you, I'm loving it.

I swapped out Infernal Cry and Ancestral Warchief for a 5link General's Cry + another Earthshatter + Pulverise + Maim + Melee Physical.
Early mapping is still fun face-rolling over everything :)
Generals Cry with Ice Crash is also fun for clearing
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Any thoughts about how Earthshatter may interact with Impale, or are you finding the raw damage alone enough to be comfortable?
im also interested in the mechanics behind earthshatter and impale. especially regarding the "the impaler" keynote.
If I wanted to play around with Ice Crash, could I just swap it in for Earthshatter and keep the tree the same or would I be better off making a brand new character and doing an entirely different build?

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