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Hey! been playing this build since start, im just hitting red maps and it feels ok. Wanted to know what to change in the PoB to go to axes? i want to see how they feel since the damage doesn't seem amazing as it is now. If someone could tell me how to ling gear id love to post what im using to get some advice. Thanks in advance

I guess i already had an account, but my char is linked to this account. Its name is ImAFake
Loved giving this build a try, I just wish I had read through the 30 or so pages of comments before committing to what the build guide laid out in the first post because it looks like the build is significantly different now...that should be updated with the new information that's been discovered.
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I still say maces are the way to go if what you want is the absolute biggest hits without investing an arm and a leg.

One of the things to keep in mind is that to maximize damage, you need to only be hitting every 1.87 seconds for those Fist of War procs. That means DPS numbers are absolutely meaningless.

Crit with a fleshripper is likely the way to go for the absolute min-max average hit damage, but it's going to take significant investment as you can't rely on a less than 50% effective crit chance as much as you can rely on raw %increased and %more damage. Moreover, you want the highest damage range possible on your weapon in order to hit the biggest, beefiest hits possible. That means a Karui Maul is the way to go IMO.

I haven't yet done A8 Sirus, solely because I accidentally screwed my atlas on the last conquerer I needed (ran a Vaal Temple because "oh shit Vaal Temple better run it!" and then spawned Veritania where I already had her watchstone), but A7 was a wet noodle. I haven't yet stunned him, but I expect it'll happen when I get my next gear upgrades going.

Some things to make clearing faster and safer despite the slow Karui Maul base AS:

1) Onslaught Abyss Jewel. They're easy to deterministically craft this league. Get one with Life and whatever else you want on it.

2) Ignore rotations when mapping. You don't need max damage to wipe the screen, so just swing-cry-swing-repeat til you hit the boss.

3) Explode chest should help a bit but isn't necessary. I'm currently crafting one with +1 Curse so I can run Vuln and Assassin's Mark, though I'm considering Punishment instead of the latter. I did just find and harvest-spam an Assassin's Mark ring though that I might try finishing into a proper ring, so that might be the answer.

As for bossing, just swing, run around til FoW is off cooldown, swing, repeat, detonate with a cry. I've stunned practically every boss save Shaper and Minotaur. The hits are BIG even with my only moderately decent Karui Maul (get a Warlord's one, ideally, for the %phys suffix. Mine is a decent budget version with crafted flat phys, but it could be a LOT better).

I see Crit as more of a luxury than a build-around. Since we're not hitting a million times a second, we only really take advantage of an effective crit chance of 50% or above. Guaranteed damage is significantly better IMO than unreliable damage, particularly when it comes to Impale.

We can stack some HUGE impales with The Impaler. The difference between an impale stack from a 5th stage Seismic+Intimidating hit and anything else is very noticable when you detonate the spires. Stacked t16 Metamorphs drop in an instant.

So yeah, for an unlimited budget Crit is likely the way to go, as you can get to absurd crit chance and multi without sacrificing in raw damage, but for everyone else I still feel that a Mace, The Impaler and stacking raw damage is king.
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Gardneramw wrote:
Zerkgoespoe wrote:

I've leveled as berserker up to lvl 94 earthshatter/crit/impale with a fleshripper. Intense dmg, but squishy. Rnd deaths here and there that arent avaiodable if you want to play alc n go. Too complicated rage management, at least for me.

Now im playin Jugg - it feels so much better. Still more than enough dmg to clear all content so easily. And just much more relaxing and rewarding to play.

So it seems your variant is the best to follow? Also, steel rings better than diamond?

i would never say that.
I just build the char as per my personal preference, and it works really well for me. Also, in this league, we are able to craft gear by our selves, that most of us could never dream of before (mirror tier).

in regards to steel/diamond rings. I'm not sure tbh, this could just be simmed. But i'm pretty positive that once you reach a certain gear level and play with diamond flask, steels should be better.

my gear is pretty decent now, all selfmade, or well i bought some 2-3 stat bases to start from in some cases.

In the end, people also have to decide if they want to play impale, or just with pulverize.

I'll just post my gear here, so ppl can see what is possible to craft pretty easily with moderate time investment:

Ah, and in regards to onslaught/the post above from Stealthrider:

im using a medium cluster jewel in the left lower corner of the skilltree that grants you perma onslaught with ease
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Zerkgoespoe wrote:

i would never say that.
I just build the char as per my personal preference, and it works really well for me. Also, in this league, we are able to craft gear by our selves, that most of us could never dream of before (mirror tier).

Well not to discredit the OP, but ive had significant more success swapping to axes, without buying anything crazy. Just a basic 6 link fleshripper for 1 ex with decent DPS. Im sure its insane to play with your gear. Unfortunately im broke this league despite playing a significant amount.
Having a great time with the axe version of this build. Have to be careful on T16, but crushing everything else on A4 so far! Playing SSF with 100% garbage gear. An absolute trash kit.

One question! Is there a consensus on what reserved mana skills are best? I'm running Pride/HoP, seems fine but not sure if optimal!
Akumu7261 wrote:
Hi, im currently running thid build, level 59 as writing this reply. I was wondering on couple things i ran into when playing this build.

So first is a bit of mana "problem", with two auras 50% and 28% (Pride and Flesh and Stone) there is not much mana left for stronger bosses/elites, i find myself wiggling on my keyboard with fingers for the mana potion which throws me off the flow of the combo.

Second which is just making sure, the way to play is: go in with stacks of warcries > Earthshatter > Warcry > Earthshatter > Warcry etc? Just making sure cos it would beb ad later in the game if i didn;t play the build corretly at all.

Third thing is when using the auras, do you use blood or sand stance? Or do you alter between them for harder bosses or something.

In the late/end game, are you sure I wont just die if i go in and try to Earthshatter? For now the casting for it + a warcry is pretty long and later on in the game mili-seconds count, ik we have a lot of armour but just making sure if you tested that out.

Build is cool either way tho, a bit different way of playing for me than usual :)

Probably already passed this but for anyone else leveling I found Slitherpinch to be a nice and cheap solution for life/mana leech through the acts. Literally did not change out until I hit maps. I also used belt of the deceiver during that time. 2 super cheap and helpful options.

I haven't been able to play much this league so I'm still just barely spawning my first conquerors but was able to find a cheap high dps axe (20 chaos), a cheap 5link armor with good life (I think like 10 chaos?) and the rest was crafted using the plants or found. But, because this game rewards with RNG or time spent to sell I am pretty broke. Therefore the budgeted items. Yet, I am crushing the maps I run with a lot of potential as I am still leveling. Currently 82 with 3 ascendencies.
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I wanna chime in on the Axes vs Maces discussion.

I league started with Maces and switched to Axes once I got a solid weapon (SSF). So I tried out both and I still prefer Maces over Axes. I am not a big numbers (pob) guy but Maces just 'feel' better overall. Sure Axes provide more pure dps but I don't think damage is an issue with the build at all.

I love the aoe of Maces (Coronal Maul) and stuns as additional survivability when jumping from group to group in tough mods endgame maps.

I cleared most of the endgame (Uber Atziri, A6 Sirus, Elder, Shaper, Cortex, lvl 83 Uber Lab) with little to no issue with decent but not crazy good gear (again I am playing SSF). So I am super satisfied with how the build performs and plays.
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I'm in SSF too, would like to see your gear, but can't access your characters ^^^

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