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martyl48 wrote:
I'm in SSF too, would like to see your gear, but can't access your characters ^^^

Should be accessible now.

For easy viewing though



I'm about to start this as a second toon for the league. I tend to play mostly tradeless in trade, so the various posts on gear options, including leveling, are really helpful. Thanks to OP and to everyone who is sharing.
How the heck do i kill atziri with this build, the reflect just kills me ...
CeeJayPwnage wrote:
How the heck do i kill atziri with this build, the reflect just kills me ...

+ Soul of Yugul (Pantheon)
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As long as you don't have some source of increased damage taken, like Abyssus...
nice build!
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Zerkgoespoe wrote:

i would never say that.
I just build the char as per my personal preference, and it works really well for me. Also, in this league, we are able to craft gear by our selves, that most of us could never dream of before (mirror tier).

in regards to steel/diamond rings. I'm not sure tbh, this could just be simmed. But i'm pretty positive that once you reach a certain gear level and play with diamond flask, steels should be better.

my gear is pretty decent now, all selfmade, or well i bought some 2-3 stat bases to start from in some cases.

In the end, people also have to decide if they want to play impale, or just with pulverize.

I'll just post my gear here, so ppl can see what is possible to craft pretty easily with moderate time investment:

Ah, and in regards to onslaught/the post above from Stealthrider:

im using a medium cluster jewel in the left lower corner of the skilltree that grants you perma onslaught with ease

Fantastic build/itemization - certainly something to aim for. Thumbs up. Any tips how you crafted that stuff? And how does the rampage stuff/Sinvicta's Mettle work?

After checking your build in PoB, I was surprised, though - no matter how I configure it, it's Earthshatter Impact DPS (as a benchmark for comparion) is like half of my current DPS with sorta decent gear (~19.1 million vs 9.5 million). Of course my build is way more squishy and more glass cannon, but that doesn't explain it.

Maybe it's Abyssus that causes the difference. So I copied your main gear while keeping my flasks/skill tree - and I ended up at ~27.9 million DPS (39.1 million with Abyssus). So that's not it. I don't know what causes these extreme differences - probably a bug in PoB, since trying to copy my skill tree (including Threads of Hope) puts your build at 10.9 million DPS. There are definitely some DPS optimizations possible, though, even without using both Threads.
Is it possible to use both Immortal Call and Molten Shell on the same CWDT gem, I want to up the tankiness and that seems like a good way, I don't know if both activate or only 1 when I take enough dmg.
Not in the way you want.

First, trigger skills only activate one skill at a time. If you have more than one on a trigger, they will rotate through with each new trigger.

Second, all guard skills share the same cooldown, so you can never have more than one up at a time, even if you put one on CWDT and self-cast the other.
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Just want to say i'm loving the build and the skills so far i'm SSF. I'm having problems with mana regen without using a mana flask- is it just a have to get mana leech on a ring or neck to keep from spamming flasks. Also is the Unbreakable node that good or could you maybe spin off the endurance charge ascendancy like Unyielding seems like it could have a lot of upside.

Also lastly ... why use Dash .. leap slam pops your spikes and is the high links for Flesh and Stone really that much help?

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