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[3.12] Aziire's Earthshatter Juggernaut - Screenwide Slamming! | League Starter

Hey, what do u think about Call to Arms, i'm using this right now and it turns the build so smooth, maybe its a good option for clear speed focus ?
I haven't tried yet with all points in warcry invested to see if its almost smooth as instant, but don't u think its better or just as good as with Call to Arms, considering the time u have to run and manual dodge keeping u alive? I just put Deep Breaths nodes tu cut the cooldown almost a half and it's pretty smooth.
Kaji_K07 wrote:
First I just wanna say the way you've written your guide is beautiful and easy to follow. Very pleasing to the eye too with all the color coding.
As for the build, it's been going okay but what's really been getting me is mana troubles. Severely slows down combat. Also I seem to have a habit of wanting to activate my warcrys way faster then the cooldown allows. Will this be approved upon as the build progresses? Also I could have sworn I saw a passive or something that removes warcry cooldown but balances it with something else. Can't recall. Keep up the great work and thanks :D

Just wanna follow up on my previous post. Went ahead and got a mana leech which eliminated the mana downtime problems, just sucks to spend 3 points for it.
Turns out I wasn't using second wind but once I got that, I've also had no issues with warcry downtimes either.
And finally the combat was pretty slow imo for most of it but once I got Undeniable, things sped right up and now clear speed is more or less satisfying.

Just thought I'd point these out for anyone who were having the same issues.
I've been running this as a casual league start (act8 now) and I have to say, this is one of the most satisfying "click jump boom booms" I've ever played. Super tanky, but def not a zoomer build. If this thing keeps scaling the way it has been, I see this as a solid bosser. I got lucky early on with a mana leech and drain life jewel, and they are solid in the slot.

Thanks so much for the guide and the build! I'd like to really get the earthshatter AOE full screen to smooth out clear speed a bit.
Ok this is dope...

Still figuring out my own version similar but this puppy hits hard if everything is aligned.

SoloSausage if anyone feels like looking, a TON of work to go but it's strong and tanky.
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How fist of war work with earthquake?
Does it slams same as earthquake (hit+aftershock) or only hit?
Doing something similar, but going with resolute technique and no crit to be more tanky and grab more aoe.

So far i'm in a8, but damage is very good and clear is great. Loving the hit once & cry style.
So I've been following your build and I've been enjoying it so far but I wanted to know if there is any gem's in the set up I should keep at certain level. Should I be leveling all of the gems to 20?
Hi I've just hit yellow maps with this build with complete garbage tier gear and it's feeling fantastic thus far! Thanks for the guide! Earthshatter is a certified slapper
Hello everyone! Ty @AziiRe for your work!
I try to play with EShatter and disapointed, this style not for me and then i make a disicion to swap it for EQuake. Im bad at building melee character and can't find good guide for that skill with Marauder. If anyone know, what i must change in this setup to work well with EQ instead of ES? If this not requier a lot of changes. Thanks!
Hi again I've reached 78 and I'm progressing smoothly finally capped my resists and still oneshotting everything, I've just got a question though. What's the point of impale if we generally oneshot everything anyways? Isn't impale better for quick hits seeing as this build is quite slow atleast it is for me right now which has some great synergy with fist of war.

current gear which is quite bad but it gets the job done so far still working on finding a 5l craft for my mace. And in general where should i go from here? i really want to replace my mana flask so i'm thinking i should get a mana leech jewel or something like that?

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