The new graphical Bloom effect is BLECH even on low

Ive always hated bloom in games. It makes my eyes strain to look at the screen. Plus, I just dont think the added glowy hazy blurry effect around lights is visually good. It covers up the nice crisp detailed graphics that I spent so much money on my pc and monitor to see.

First thing I noticed when I entered the game this season was this new effect. I was happy to see a video option to set it to "low" rather than "default". Even on low, however, its still just too much for my eyes to look at without giving me eye strain (which ultimately leads to headaches).

Please please please give us another option to disable it completely.

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yeah i used to fix this light bleed issue by turning post-processing off but they removed the option...

it's bad.. feels like you opened your eyes underwater in a pool with too much chlorine. light bleeds around everything.

it's less aggravating on "Slight" but would much prefer having it fully off.
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Agreed. I hate bloom in pretty much all games, it defeats the purpose of paying money for high end graphics cards only to have everything blurred...

GGG, please, If you're going to randomly decide to introduce radical new graphics effects like this at least give us the option to not have them (or opt out in effect).

My game looks like an early 80's Commodore 64 game now, not the millenial product it is supposed to be.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
I am retired now from the game since 3.11 due to Bloom affecting my Health.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom
I typically try to buy supporter packs for each season I play. This is a great game. Im glad I have not done so yet, as the bloom effect may make it so that Im unable to play much due to the eye strain and headaches.

I really hope the lack of option to disable bloom completely doesnt carry over to PoE 2. I really was looking forward to that game.
thought i had a headache because of too much drinking but now i wonder :')
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
+1 on this thread as well, hopefully someone at GGG see's the multiple posts about this!
I kind of like it.
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Nephalim wrote:
I kind of like it.

Thats cool. This post isnt meant to bash on those who like it.

Im not asking for the devs to remove it, just to give us an option to disable it. That way everyone is happy.
Wow... so many new posts that can all be answered with "So what else is new?". GGG makes it their mission to make quality detailed artwork and scenery and then fubar it all with a clusterfuck of fx that wrecks clarity. GGG has done this forever with skill gem fx so why be surprised that they're continuing the visual pollution with bloom effects.
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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
1 Vote for giving us option to disable bloom effect! Ty

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