The new graphical Bloom effect is BLECH even on low

imcominghehee wrote:
ERRR THeres an option in graphic settings, Bloom Normal(Default), u can set it to Bloom(Slight) and the fog will gone back to previous looks.

It doesnt fix it, thats what he already said and I tested it myself.

+1 pls let us disable the blooming effect, it super bright .... at fist I thought it was my new mionitor :D
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imcominghehee wrote:
ERRR THeres an option in graphic settings, Bloom Normal(Default), u can set it to Bloom(Slight) and the fog will gone back to previous looks.

As I stated in my original post, this does indeed reduce the effect.

It does not, however, remove it.

The games old options gave us the ability to completely turn it off. We no longer have that option.

For people such as myself, that suffer from eye issues (and headaches) caused from things like bloom, motion blur, etc, even lesser effects can make a game unplayable after a very short period of time.

Its ALWAYS good to give your players the option to use or not use something that isnt linked to gameplay, balance, or mechanics. Bloom is purely an artistic touch, no more. Its fine that the designers want to express their artistic vision, but when that gets in the way of people like myself being able to play the game, then they are going to lose players/customers. I dont want them to lose me as a customer. I love the game. I also dont want to get headaches while playing it.
i'm not a political anti-bloom person. i'm always up for some candy - eye ear or other - but yeah the full-on ("normal") was too much. Too much bright glare against dark dungeon background and too hard to navigate. Trying "slight" now.

And giving your users/players/customers the option to turn things on/off as they please is always preferred.

And i'm not saying there was outside influence here afa pushing this feature but it's sad that the notion can't be dismissed. Bloom has been around a long time, PoE has been around along time. PoE notorious for being a game that doesn't need to add anything else to compromise performance. Yet PoE gets bloom now. Why?

Does it even make the game look competitive or does it just make it look dated but in a different way?
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The decision to remove the option to disable bloom is inexplicable. It absolutely takes away from the game for me, to the point of not playing until the option is returned. Not trying to be hyperbolic, but I just can't stand it.
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What doesn't make sense is, the disable option has been in the game for how long? Why just remove it. Keep your options for On/Slight for people who like it, but why take out disable all together, doesn't make much logic sense.
IT does works for me anyway Good luk guys xD, remember to press save after change.
U can try adjust ur contrast higher in nvidia control panel.
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Please GGG turn this setting off my eyes have been bleeding since league launch! I never complain about anything in this game but this is nuts! PLEASE give me an off button!
Hope GGG takes note of this thread.

3 pages so far and its 99% in agreement to add the option.

Thats kinda unheard of on interweb forums. There is usually a huge arguement or trolling by page 2.

+1 no bloom

I'm a fan of most of the graphical buffing so far but man, this looks bad and blurry in certain areas / effects even on lowest setting.
100% agree. Current lack of ability to turn off bloom and turn off post processing makes it so I can't play for long without getting nauseous or getting a headache. Removing these options makes no sense and can make the game unplayable for people who are sensitive to bright lights and/or motion and blur.

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