[UPDATED!] [3.12] LACERMAN BUILD (Fast ClearSpeed + Labber + Super EZ + All Content) (Gladiator)

Lacerman build is a continuation of Sunderman build after Sunder got heavily nerfed in 3.11. Here is the old thread:


NOTE: Please check second post in this thread for League Specific Info section.


Patch Changes:

Build has almost no changes on 3.12 patch. Only Vulnerability is changed a little, but that doesn't affect us.

Buffs to the build:

Vulnerability: Maim and dot is removed from Vulnerability. But that doesn't affect us as we perma-maim from ascendancy and have no dot. "Now causes ailments inflicted on cursed enemies to deal damage 20% faster." this part will buff bleed, but we have little bleed damage so this is a tiny improvement for us.

Changes to Build:

10) Levelling trees 40, 50, and 60 are changed for maximizing bleed chance earlier for bleed explosions, matching recently changed levelling. [30.11.2020]
9) Levelling of the build is completely changed. Now we're levelling with Frost Blades, changing to Bladestorm at Act 3 and finally changing to Lacerate at Act 9. Now it's a lot faster, easier and safer to level. [30.11.2020]
8) Added a video named "Simulacrum on Heavy Mods (A Safe Playing Guide)". [23.11.2020]
7) Added a new section named "Further Upgrades" under Meta Gear for the people who wants to drive the build further than Meta Gear. Added many items there. Also some of the items(Soul Taker with implicit and talisman) are moved there to make Meta Gear obtainable easier. This section will not have a Pob link, just ideas to improve the build further. And they add a ton of DPS! [02.11.2020]

~~META GEAR UPDATE~~ [02.11.2020]
With Meta Gear update, DPS of Meta Gear is increased by %7.1, and life is increased from 6.6k to 7.0k with overall cost reduced and it's also easier to obtain now!

6) Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support is added to the build. This increased DPS a lot, also slightly increased Meta Gear cost.
5) "Overwhelm %15 Physical Damage Reduction" mod on Stygian Vise is changed with %12 Increased Maximum Life mod. This increased life and reduced cost of Meta Gear, also Life mod is easier to obtain than Overwhelm mod. A new belt is added to Further Upgrades section.
4) Soul Taker having physical damage implicit is removed and changed with a Soul Taker not having a corrupted implicit. This made obtaining Meta Gear items easier and reduced Meta Gear cost. Soul Taker with corrupted implicit is moved to Further Upgrades section.
3) T3 Talisman is removed from Meta Gear and changed with a rare amulet. This made amulet on Meta Gear much easier to obtain and reduced cost because of needing several same amulets to hit the needed %Increased Damage mod on talisman. Talisman is moved to Further Upgrades section.
~~META GEAR UPDATE~~ [02.11.2020]

2) Thread of Hope is added to the build and necessary adjustments to passive trees are done. Amulet anointment is changed with Discipline and Training. DPS of Required Gear is increased by %21.6, Meta Gear by %19.7 with 0.1k life loss on each! [30.10.2020]
1) Pob links and Poeurl.com links are updated. [16.09.2020]


16) Awakened Brutality Support is added to Meta Gear in place of Brutality support. DPS is increased by %2.4, but more importantly it grants %10 more Overwhelm Physical Damage Reduction at a low cost difference. Now we have %33 Overwhelm in total that can go up to %37 with a T1 belt mod. [04.08.2020]
15) New version of Community Pob added new calculation for Pride. Now there is Initial Effect and Maximum Effect for it in configurations. Default was Initial after the update, changed it to maximum. This increased DPS of both gears by %16.8. Pob links are updated. [16.07.2020]
14) Added a video showcasing Required Gear on a T16 Defiled Cathedral map. [14.07.2020]
13) Added Berserk to Meta Gear. It replaced Increased Duration on Blood Rage. This inflated DPS heavily and created unqeuality between 2 gears. For this reason, I disabled Berserk on Meta Gear Pob. When you're comparing DPS, don't forget to do this yourself. [14.07.2020]
12) Changed Required Gear cluster jewel with a new cheap one having Feed The Fury and Martial Prowess. From now on, Required Gear cluster won't have Bloodscent, because it turned out to be so expensive for Required Gear even after 3.11.1 patch. This made Required Gear lose %6.5 DPS. Also, Required Gear(no cluster) version is removed from Pob links since it's not needed anymore. You can still see Passive Trees without a cluster jewel on Poeurl.com links under "Passive Skill Tree" section.[14.07.2020]
11) Switched Oak with 2 passives. Got Inexorable to be able to generate endurance charges on bosses, more armor and also to replace life regeneration on Oak, at the cost of 1 more life node after 2 passives change. Changed major god from Lunaris to Solaris for better bossing. Best outcome of these changes is now we get endurance charges on bosses which gives %12 additional physical damage reduction(becomes %18 with Solaris change), and also Required Gear's Physical Damage Reduction is increased from %85 to %87, Meta Gear's is increased from %84 to %86. DPS of Required Gear is reduced by %3.6 and Meta Gear by %1.6. Life is reduced a little as well, but it was more than intended and is exactly where I want now. In short, we'll do better on bosses now. [11.07.2020]
10) Bloodlust support on Vaal Ancestral Warchief is changed with Brutality. This increased Vaal Ancestral Warchief DPS by %17.3 on Required Gear and %13.7 on Meta Gear. Bossing will be better from now on. [05.07.2020]
9) Ruthless support on Lacerate is changed with Brutality and Taste of Hate flask is changed with a Basalt flask, having anti-curse. Unholy Might is removed from Meta Gear abyssal jewel. Also, Meta Gear talisman is changed with one having "27% Increased Damage" instead of "Gain 10% of Physical Damage as Extra Damage of a random Element" implicit as before. These changes are because with Brutality, we can't deal elemental damage. They also reduced cost. Required Gear DPS is increased by %8.8 and Physical Damage Reduction is increased from %75 to %85. On Meta Gear, DPS is increased by %4.9 and Physical Damage Reduction is increased from %75 to %84. When we were using Concentrated Effect, change to Brutality didn't bring improvements but after Conc. Effect-Ruthless change for more Area of Effect, change to Brutality resulted better. Now I can say that build is adapted from Sunder to Lacerate completely. [04.07.2020]
8) Intimidating Cry is removed as it created problems for some players. Call to Arms keystone is removed as well. This reduced DPS of Required Gear by %4.3 and Meta Gear by %6.1, but build is easier to play now. [02.07.2020]
7) Removed Cold Resistance from Required Gear belt. This made it a 2-resist belt and reduced it's cost. [30.06.2020]
6) Removed Intelligence from Required Gear amulet. This reduced it's cost. [30.06.2020]
5)"Gain %X of Physical Damage As Chaos Damage" mod is removed from Required Gear weapon. Also moved Dexterity from weapon to right ring as we don't need that much intelligence after the removal of Concentrated Effect gem. These reduced weapon cost. [30.06.2020]
4) Changed Concentrated Effect with Ruthless on Lacerate. This made our Area of Effect much better which resulted in faster clear speed at the cost of some dps. Also, since Concentrated Effect had high Intellligence cost which we had to get on items, now cost of both gears lowered, especially Required Gear. DPS of Required Gear is lowered by %4.5 and DPS of Meta Gear is lowered by %5.2. [30.06.2020]
3) Changed a Strength node with a Dexterity node connected to the jewel socket next to Golem's Blood on Passive Tree. This might not seem as an important change, but every bit of Dexterity is important for us to be able to reduce them more from our gear.[29.06.2020]
2) On Passive Tree, area of effect nodes on Splitting Strikes is changed with Call to Arms to make Intimidating Cry instant. [27.06.2020]
1) Intimidating Cry is added to the build. This increased DPS of Required Gear by %4.3 and Meta Gear by %6.1 only with Intimidate. We're also getting good Overwhelm Physical Damage Reduction and 2 exerted attacks. It replaced Increased Duration on Blood Rage as it was unnecessarily long(Lowered from 19 seconds to 11 seconds). [27.06.2020]


Lacerman build is a combination of easiness to play and being able to do all endgame stuff at a high efficiency thanks to it's fast clearspeed and bossing capability. It’s an all-round build designed to do your daily stuff like mapping, delving, simulacrum, uber labs, endgame bosses, etc. efficiently. It's also super easy to manage, a complete noob friendly build. Even if you haven’t played Path of Exile before, you’ll have no problems managing this build.

Build is mainly based on clearing huge packs of monsters both as fast and easy as possible, using Leap and Lacerate. Attack speed on everywhere possible makes us travel fast with Leap and turn Lacerate to a machinegun, then blast the whole screen with Lacerate’s huge aoe and Gladiator’s bleed explosion combined. Our bleed explosions come from Gladiator’s Gratuitous Violence ascendancy. Our Lacerate auto-aims as well with Multistrike, so no need to even target! Then Soul Taker on offhand makes attack skills don’t spend any mana, which allows us to completely forget about what mana is and also allows us to fill up our mana reserve with buffs. As well we use Vaal Ancestral Warchief for bosses/single targets.


[3.11+] Maze of The Minotaur (Meta Gear)(T16, Aw.8):


[3.11+] Defiled Cathedral (Required Gear)(T16, Aw.8):


[3.12] 16th League Lab Ladder Run (by logitewty):


[3.12] Simulacrum W20 on Heavy Mods (A Safe Playing Guide, with Guide in Video Description):


Note: First two videos are made in 3.11, but since there are no changes in 3.12 to the build, they will apply to 3.12 and I won't make new videos because of this. Only I have to note that DPS is hugely improved on both gears since video releases, also Aoe, defenses and life are improved on Meta Gear after it's video's release.


Fast Clearspeed (Crazy leap speed!)
Super EZ to run (Even for first timers)
Can do all content
Cheap to get it up and running, not too expensive to meta
Ranked Uber Lab runner (Check below for ladder scores*)
Good league starter
Fun to play (Packs explode all at once!)
SSF Friendly
Console Friendly

*16th in League (logitewty, 24/09/2020):
Lab Ladder Score Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/ladder/labyrinth/Heist/4/1600905600
Video of The Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohqBj9Ad4H4

*26th in League (EasyKun097, 11/01/2020):
Lab Ladder Score Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/ladder/labyrinth/Metamorph/4/1578700800
His Post In The Old Thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2507153/page/11#p22771267

More oriented to fast clearspeed than boss killing
Going for easiness and simplicity had its drawbacks
Not recommended for Hardcore
Can’t run Physical Reflect maps


Required Gear (lv92): https://pastebin.com/MZ8r1BqD (3.2m Shaper DPS, 6.0k life)
Meta Gear (lv98): https://pastebin.com/s8bPfHCB (6.45m Shaper DPS[9.46m with Berserk enabled], 7.0k life)

• If you are getting an error when directly importing Pastebin link to Pob; first open pastebin link on a web browser. Click clone on top then copy the whole text. Then paste the copied text to the box on the left side of "Import from Pastebin", where it says "To import a build, enter the code here:". This should work without problems.
• When comparing DPS, import your character onto Required Gear Pob so all the configurations I made in Pob will be applied to your character(If you have Bloodscent on your cluster jewel, you need to type in your Rage, which is 50 by default, goes up to 65 with Meta Gear). You will see your correct DPS this way. Don't forget to click the checkbox "Delete Skills" when importing Items and Skills so they won't override.
• Berserk on Meta Gear inflates DPS heavily and creates unequality between two gears, so don't forget to disable that when comparing DPS(Click the checkbox next to Berserk under enabled to disable it). It is also disabled on Meta Gear Pob here by default.
• Original Pob still calculates Multistrike wrong and doesn't calculate Impale DPS. Use Community Fork Pob for correct numbers about Multistrike and full Impale support:



Bandit: Kill All
Ascendancies(in order to get): Blood in the Eyes, Gratuitous Violence, Arena Challenger, Outmatch and Outlast

Passive Trees:
Level 40: www.poeurl.com/c6m3
Level 50: www.poeurl.com/c6m4
Level 60: www.poeurl.com/c6m5
Level 75: www.poeurl.com/c6m6
Level 90: www.poeurl.com/c6m7
Level 94: www.poeurl.com/c6m8
Level 98: www.poeurl.com/c6m9

• Until we get a Soul Taker, we need to use Life and Mana Leech node and respec it after we get it.
• If in need of Intelligence or Dexterity, pick +30 to Intelligence or Dexterity nodes.
• These passive trees are made for playing without a cluster jewel and Thread of Hope, mostly for levelling. When adding a Cluster Jewel or Thread of Hope, please refer to passive trees in Path of Building links of Required Gear or Meta Gear up above.


Major God: Solaris
Minor God: Ryslatha


1) Required Gear(cheap, can do almost all content) and it’s Gem Setup:

Please read this one first before reading next one(Meta Gear version).


On main hand we need an axe that has 400+ physical dps and also having high attacks per second(at least 1.60). Global Critical Strike Multiplier mod is not needed here.

We need Soul Taker on off-hand to be able to use Leap and Lacerate indefinitely thanks to "Insufficient mana doesn't prevent your melee attacks" mod, also to fill mana reserve with Blood and Sand, Pride, Arctic Armor and Dread Banner. For SSF, easiest way to get a Soul Taker is chancing ilvl 59+ Siege axes. Soul Taker is the only unique Siege Axe so it's not too hard to get.

We’re gonna use a rare helm having life and then required resists. Our enchant needs to be "Blood Rage grants additional %12 Increased Attack Speed". Easiest way to obtain a helm like this is to buy a Royal Burgonet or an Eternal Burgonet having the helm enchant, then craft on it doing alt+aug then regal. If going for a pure lab build we need Devoto's Devotion here for even more attack speed.

We need a 6-link Belly of the Beast and run Lacerate on it. We need Belly because we basically need all the affixes it has. We can use a 5-link until we get a 6-link and don't use Fortify gem until we get a 6-link. As well instead of a Belly, you can get a rare chest with at least %9 increased max life, +130ish max life, and needed resists(also free space to craft %Increased Maximum Life and Mana) as an alternative if you come across a cheaper one compared to a Belly or craft one instead.

Here we need Spiked Gloves having physical damage, attack speed and life, and then required resists. There's also another option, which I'll be telling in Meta Gear version below. Also don't forget to cap levels of your gems in your CWDT setup here like this: Cast While Damage Taken(lv3) - Immortal Call(lv5) - Vulnerability(lv7) - Increased Duration(lv20).

For boots we need needed 2 resist mods, movement speed and life. We also need the enchant "Increased Attack and Cast Speed If You've Killed Recently" because we'll be constantly leaping and killing. As for the crafted mod, we need "Non-Vaal Skills Deal %60 Increased Damage During Soul Gain prevention"(Jun mod) so this way we have %60 more damage when our Vaal Ancestral Warchief is active and soul gain prevention is running(those red chains appearing on skill logo, 9 seconds in total), which is a good improvement for Lacerate when boss killing. We can also get it on gloves to make it double.

Here we need to have life, needed resists and then craft %Increased Damage on it.

For rings we need physical damage and life on both rings, and then needed resists. And then craft %Increased Damage on at least one of them. You can also craft attack speed for the second if you don't have a place for a prefix. But it'll be better if we can craft %Increased Damage on both.

On neck we need a rare amulet having physical damage, life with "%Increased Global Physical Damage" or "%Increased Melee Damage" as crafted mod depending on the situation of prefixes and suffixes. Anointment needs to be Discipline and Training. Here we can also get a Carnage Heart for cheap until we can get a rare amulet like this one.

We need damage, life and attack speed on jewels. If 4-mod, double damage. For cluster jewel, we need an 8 passive one having Feed The Fury, Martial Prowess and 2 jewel sockets. Also we need a Thread of Hope with Large radius and -10 or -11 to All Elemental Resistances. Please check Required Gear's Path of Building link up above to see how cluster jewel and Thread of Hope here are applied and passive nodes need to be refunded on the original tree for them. If you don't want to use a cluster jewel, simply follow trees listed under Passive Skill Tree section on this guide.

2) Meta Gear(more expensive, where it gets crazy. can do all content) and it’s Gem Setup:

It's mostly same with the cheap version having higher dps, more life, better and different items, better min/maxing, Vulnerability on Hit, Culling Strike, faster Leap setup, Watcher's Eye and some more differences. So I'll just tell the differences here other than telling the setup right from the beginning.


A main hand weapon here with higher physical damage(500pDPS) and Culling Strike as Elder mod(You can also get Culling Strike on gloves as Warlord mod). Here we put CWDT setup to main hand weapon because Vulnerability goes to ring as "on hit", meaning it will be applied permanently instead of when being hit so we remove Vulnerability gem. Also we move leap to gloves, because we're gonna make something special for leap on gloves. Soul Taker on off-hand is the same. Here we also change Increased Duration on Blood Rage with Berserk. We generate our Rage through Bloodscent on cluster jewel.

Here is how to craft this weapon:
This axe is best crafted on a Siege Axe because of the base attack speed it has. Your base needs to be Elder influenced for the Culling Strike mod. Do alt/aug until you get one of the prefixes(T1 flat phys. or T1 %phys. mod) and the Culling Strike suffix then imprint beast(Craicic Chimeral) it and regal it. We need to hit a good prefix here. If you get a suffix you need to do bestiary's "Add a Prefix, Remove a Random Suffix". If it fails, use the imprint on the weapon to restore it back to blue, and repeat the process. If it fails again, buy another Craicic Chimeral and start from the beginning. If you get a good prefix and good phys. DPS, multimod the rest with remaining mods. Always calculate the result using Pob before multimodding so you won't have any surprises.

Same helm as Required Gear, only having "Nearby Enemies Take %9 Increased Physical Damage" mod as extra. This mod is important because this is a pure physical build. We'll be needing an Elder influenced Royal or Eternal Burgonet and fossil craft on it with Jagged and Pristine fossils. Please ignore "+2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems" mod as it only increases DPS by %1 and needs essence crafting. I also removed it from Path of Building.


Here we need "Socketed Gems have %X More Attack and Cast Speed" mod on same Required Gear gloves and move Leap setup here. Because of "more" instead of "increased" this mod increases Leap speed a lot, thus clear speed. Here, life leech node is not needed since we already get our leech from Cluster Jewel. As support, we have Culling strike support for the 4th slot for %11 increased attack speed to leap to make it even faster. Also, if you don't have Culling Strike on weapon, you can kill the boss with a single leap when it's down to %10 health. To craft these gloves, we need to essence craft it using Essence of Insanity, or fossil craft it using Glyphic Fossil and Shuddering Fossil.

Here we have Two-Toned boots to be able to get some resists from the implicit, then pick two needed resists, life and movement speed and craft "Non-Vaal skills deal %60 increased damage during soul gain prevention" mod on it. You can also craft this mod on gloves to make it double.

Stygian instead of Rustic Sash here and an Abyssal Jewel inside it. Same life and needed resists with better rolls. Also %10 life(%12 with Fertile Catalysts) as a further improvement.

Rings with better rolls and increased damage crafted on both or attack speed on one depending on availability of a prefix or suffix. Also one having "Curse Enemies With Vulnerability on Hit, With %20-32 Increased Effect" mod. Here Vulnerability goes to "on hit" from CWDT setup, which makes us apply Vulnerability all the time. Here we can get/craft Essence of Contempt crafted rings to be able to have 11-17 Physical Damage to attacks instead of regular 9-15 max roll. Also left ring anointment is changed with "Fireball Towers Fire an Additional 8 Projectiles", which is much better than cheaper 2 projectiles version on Required Gear. Increased Fire Damage on right ring is not needed here.

Same rare amulet with better rolls/mods, this time with All Attributes.

Here we'll use jewels with double damage mods compared to Required Gear. For the Stygian Vise, we need an Abyss Jewel like this(Stun mod is nod needed), also a Watcher's Eye having "Impales You Inflict Lasts 2 Additional Hits While Using Pride" mod. For cluster jewel, we need Bloodscent node on top of Required Gear's cluster jewel. If you can't find it on trade or want to craft it, you can skip Martial Prowess at first and get Bloodscent and Feed the Fury. These are the most important two. You can get the one with Martial Prowess later on. And we need Thread of Hope again here with Large Radius and -10 or -11 to Maximum Elemental Resistances. Please check Meta Gear's Path of Building link up above to see how this cluster jewel and Thread of Hope are applied and passive nodes need to be refunded on the original tree for them. If you don't want to use a cluster jewel, simply follow trees listed under Passive Skill Tree section on this guide.

3) Further Upgrades(For people who wants to drive the build further than Meta Gear):

This part is for the people who wants to drive Meta Gear even further and reach perfection. This part won't have a Pob, but I can they will bring crazy DPS improvement!


Soul Takers with "Adds X to Y Physical Damage" and "%Increased Attack Damage Against Bleeding enemies" corrupted implicits. Physical damage one brings slightly better DPS Improvement, both being close.

"+1 to Level of Socketed Gems" or "% Increased Damage" corrupted Implicits for our Bellies. Socketed Gems one is better. If not, "+2 to Level of Socketed Aoe gems" is also good. Since we have 3 here, double corruption is a good idea.

A belt with both "%Increased Maximum Life" and "+X to Maximum Life" mods, also with "Overwhelm %x Physical Damage Reduction(up to %15)" mod. We also support this with Splitting Strike passive tree node and Awakened Brutality Support reaching up to a total of "Overwhelm %37 Physical Damage Reduction(with %15 roll on the belt mod). Also, headhunter works well with the build, especially with high DPS.

A steel ring for Vulnerability, instead of a Two-Stoned one.

Here we need to upgrade our Amulet to a tier 3 talisman using Immortal Syndicate(Jorgin with 3 stars in Research Lab). We need to get "%X Increased Damage" as talisman implicit(It's 1/9 chance to get it). It's best to try with a couple amulets to get it. Another option is Aul's Uprising with "Pride Reserves No Mana", then having Herald of Purity and Flesh and Stone instead of Culling Strike on Leap Slam and Enhance on Blood Rage. Brings crazy DPS improvement!

A Watcher's Eye with double Pride mod.

4) Flasks:


These will be our main flasks. The one in the middle is going to change with the ones below depending on the situation:

For bosses to buff Vaal Ancestral Warchief. Here we need Reduced Soul Gain Prevention Duration mod as low as possible(being 20) because of the crafted mod on boots. The more the soul gain prevention time, the more Lacerate will have that %60(or %120 if you put one on gloves too) increased damage bonus.
When labbing.
When Delving.
For magicfind.


On my setup, flasks buttons 345 are changed with buttons WER, Blood Rage is on T, Berserk is on Y or middle mouse, Leap is on Q, and life flask buttons(1-2) are right on top of them. For utility flasks, default 345 buttons here stay far a little and makes us lose time because we activate all utility flasks approximately each 5 seconds continuously. Use of life flasks: When we need instant low amount life recovery we use first flask, when we get a heavy damage and life goes too low we use Blood of the Karui as the panic button. This strategy is especially efficient on tough endgame bosses. Blood and Sand is on button 3 for stance change. Pride, Arctic Armour and Dread Banner is on second skill set on buttons WER so we just press Ctrl+WER to activate these 3 buffs fast after dying. For Dread Banner, we just carry it as a buff, no placement.

When running the build, we start with activating Blood Rage(T), then forget it. Then we start leaping and when we find a pack we press buttons WER(or 345 if you didn't change) in a row before Lacerating them so our utility flasks will be activated. We can press WER right before each big pack one time without counting or checking our buffs, because our flasks will fill up right after we kill them. Then we keep on Leaping and Lacerating until we find the next pack. You'll get used to this in a short time and your flasks will be up all the time at that point when clearing. We need to be in Sand Stance for Blood and Sand when clearing for Challenger charges.

For bosses, we’ll be using Vaal Ancestral Warchief right before we start Lacerating bosses. Then we cast Berserk if doing Meta Gear right after Vaal Ancestral Warchief then start Lacerating. For single-phase bosses we’ll just activate 2 Vaal Ancestral Warchief totems at once and start Lacerating. For 2-phase bosses we’ll activate only 1 at first phase, fire until first phase ends, then at the 2nd phase, activate our 2nd ancestral totem and kill the boss. If there’s 3rd phase or more we need to wait for the souls to fill up again. Some bosses spawn monsters so our souls fill up easily but some bosses don’t so it fills up slower. Or some stages have monsters, some stages there’s only the boss, like the Elder. As well before fighting some bosses like Elder, Shaper, Izaro; our vaal souls reset when we enter their domain so we have to wait for souls to fill up again to be able to use Vaal Ancestral Warchief. So you can make up your own strategy different for each boss. When Vaal Ancestral is down, be sure to have regular Ancestral Warchief up for long bosses until you activate Vaal ones. When we activate 2 Vaal ones, normal one disappears so we need to re-activate it after Vaal ones end. We need to be in Blood Stance for Blood and Sand when doing bosses for Challenger charges.

For Uber Labs, we need Silver Flask in the middle. Just leap and don't Lacerate anything. Our leap kills will be enough to keep Challenger Charges at maximum all the time when running at a fast pace. Don't forget to activate Blood Rage each room as it resets. Traps will be painless most of the time because of our high physical damage reduction and fast Leap when passing them. If out of potions, find a safe place and Rhyslatha will fill them up. We can also get Bloodgrip amulet to make traps less painful and for better recovery from flasks. For a pure lab build, use Devoto's Devotion as helm.

For Legion encounters, we need to activate 1 Vaal Ancestral Warchief totem right after mobs appear in frozen state and start Leaping and Lacerating them. Totem will follow us around while damaging frozen mobs and activating them for 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, we need to activate our 2nd totem. This way, Vaal Ancestral Warchief totems will keep activating frozen mobs and give us %32 more melee damage for 12 seconds in a Legion encounter, which is 15 seconds in total.

For Blight Encounters and Blighted Maps, assuming you already have ring anointments; we need to put chilling towers close to spawn points and lots of fireball towers where they meet each other on the way. Chilling towers will slow them at spawn points a little where we can just blast them when we're close to a spawn point before they even start running. Also don't upgrade fireball towers more than level 3 if you have "Fireball Towers Fire an Additional 8 Projectiles", which is on Meta Gear. Put empowering tower in between many fireball towers to make them even stronger. We also need to keep on activating Vaal Ancestral Warchief as most as we can, since it fills up in seconds after soul gain prevention duration ends.

For Heists, build does pretty good job in Heists, especially escaping part where many have problems dying. Mechanics are easy, we first need to get the artifact then escape from same way to start point.

Getting to the artifact: We just Leap and Lacerate like in a normal map and open as most chest as we can before alarm is triggered. Get the artifact before alarm starts and place goes into lockdown. Remember that we can always backtrack for opening chests if there is still some alarm level left when you're at the artifact room. For opening chests, be a little patient, after some point you'll be able to open all of them on majority of heists. It's good to get "Reduced alarm rate and Reduced alarm rate while opening chests" mods on your allies' items.

Escaping: Right after you get the artifact, start leaping and don't kill any enemies until you reach the entrance and escape. Only kill enemies if you need to unlock a door or disarm a trap, where there won't be many enemies and we can kill them in a second. Our leaps stun full life enemies, and our leap speed becomes fast enough for heists when we reach red maps, then gets to a crazy level later in game with glove setup on Meta Gear and other attack speed increases. You will need to use life flasks, but not too much. Key part here is to leap as fast as possible without stopping. This way we also avoid unnecessary fighting time and just reap the rewards. Also, after you get to some point, you can kill all monsters for experience while escaping deathless.


Complete Step-by-Step Levelling Guide:
Here’s a spreadsheet about trial locations and quests to skip before we go. Keep this and first levelling tree(0 to 40) open before starting:


Act 1: Buy Frost Blades from Nessa after you kill Hillock. We’re going to use Frost Blades for clear and Double Strike for single targets. Buy a Paua Amulet for mana regeneration(we will need this until we get Life and Mana Leech on passive tree) and also craft movement speed boots as soon as you can. Keep on upgrading mana flasks especially until Act 6, which we will be using them frequently. Get Quicksilver Flask and Onslaught Support after Mercy Mission quest, also buy Ruthless and Ancestral Call from Nessa. Link Onslaught and Ancestral Call with Frost Blades, also Ruthless with Double Strike. Get Dash and War Banner after Breaking Some Eggs quest. Also get Blood and Sand and start levelling it in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear). Use Dash coupled with Quicksilver flask for movement. Get Leap Slam and Maim after The Caged Brute quest. Link Maim with with Double Strike. Change Leap Slam with Dash and keep on using Quicksilver Flask as a support. Get Lacerate after Siren’s Cadence quest and start levelling it in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear). Make sure your level is 13 and life is 250 or higher before killing act boss.

Act 2: Try to get Life and Mana Leech first on passive tree here. Start by going right to Old Fields to do Intruders in Black quest. Get Blood Rage, Herald of Purity and Flesh and Stone after Intruders in Black quest. Keep Flesh and Stone in Sand Stance while clearing and Blood Stance while bossing. If you have mana problems, drop War Banner. Get Faster Attacks, and Melee Physical Damage after Sharp and Cruel quest. Link Faster Attacks with Leap Slam and change Melee Physical Damage with Maim on Double Strike. Keep levelling Maim in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear). Here, also get another Melee Physical Damage and Close Combat and level these in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear). Make sure your level is 19 or 20 and life is 500 or higher before killing act boss.

Act 3: Get Dread Banner and change it with War Banner or add it if you removed War Banner before, also get Pride and start levelling it in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear) after Lost in Love quest. Here get a Praxis unique ring if having mana issues, which you normally shouldn’t. Get Bladestorm after Sever The Right Hand quest. At level 28, switch from Frost Blades to Bladestorm with adding Close Combat and Melee Physical Damage support that were levelling in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear) and also Onslaught as 4th link. Get a War Plate or a helm for 4-sockets. Also buy Vaal Ancestral Warchief at level 28 from trade site and change it with Double Strike to use on single targets/bosses. If going SSF, try every Vaal Side area you find to get it(Keep using Double Strike until you find one). Buy Arctic Armour from Act 2 and start levelling it in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear). Make sure your level is 29 or 30 and life is 700 or higher before killing act boss.

Act 4: Get your second 4-socketed item, put Vaal Ancestral Warchief there and add Maim you were levelling in second weapon set(or somewhere on gear). Get Multistrike and x2 Brutality after The Eternal Nightmare quest and save it in stash. Do normal lab before killing final boss. Also make sure your level is 35 or 36 and life is 1.0k or higher before killing act boss.

Act 5: Get Silver Flask after The Key to Freedom quest and replace it with Quicksilver flask(we won’t need this anymore as leap speed is fast enough), also replace Ruthless on Vaal Ancestral Warchief with Brutality and Onslaught with Brutality on Bladestorm. Once you get Slaughter node from passive tree, change Silver Flask. Make sure your level is 40 or 41 and life is 1.4k or higher before killing act boss.

Act 6: Change Pride and Blood and Sand you were levelling with Herald of Purity and Flesh and Stone. Stay in Sand Stance while clearing and Blood Stance while bossing. Buy Increased Duration and link it with Blood Rage. Buy Endurance Charge on Melee Stun and link it with Leap Slam. Get gems for CWDT setup and start levelling them to specific levels CWDT(3)+Immortal Call(5)+Vulnerability(7)+Increased Duration(max) and stop levelling at those levels. Prepare to Leap Slam the whole act as not much levelling is needed here. Change minor god in Pantheon to Ryslatha after beating Puppet Mistress. Make sure your level is 44 or 45 and life is 1.6k or higher before killing act boss.

Act 7-8: Make sure your level is 49 or 50 and life is 1.8k or more before killing Act 7 final boss. Make sure your level is 54 or 55 and life is 1.8k or more before killing Act 8 boss. Pick Solaris as major god after beating Act 8 boss.

Act 9: Do Cruel Lab. Change Bladestorm with Lacerate you were levelling. Change Close Combat with Multistrike you were levelling. From now on, it’s time to Lacerate! Make sure your level is 58 or 59 and life is 2.4k or higher before killing act boss.

Act 10 and after: Get Sulphur Flask after Safe Passage quest. Do Merciless Lab before killing Kitava. Make sure your life is at least 2.7k or higher before killing it. Add Impale as 5th gem to Lacerate and Fortify as 6th gem. Don't forget to overcap your resists to at least 109 for Elemental Weakness map mod. Chaos resistance is not added to the build by default, but enough space is left for it.

Gem Links When Levelling:
Act1 End:
GGR: Frost Blades + Onslaught + Ancestral Call
GRR: Double Strike + Maim + Ruthless
Others: War Banner, Leap Slam(Dash)

Act 2 End:
GGR: Frost Blades + Onslaught + Ancestral Call
GRR: Double Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Maim
RG: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
Others: Blood Rage, Flesh and Stone, Herald of Purity, War Banner

Act 3 End:
RRGG: Bladestorm + Melee Physical Damage + Onslaught + Close Combat
RRR: Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Melee Physical Damage + Ruthless
RG: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
Others: Blood Rage, Flesh and Stone, Herald of Purity, Dread Banner

Act 4 End:
RRGG: Bladestorm + Melee Physical Damage + Onslaught + Close Combat
RRRR: Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Melee Physical Damage + Ruthless + Maim
RG: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
Others: Blood Rage, Flesh and Stone, Herald of Purity, Dread Banner

Act 5 End:
RRRG: Bladestorm + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Close Combat (Onslaught moves to Silver Flask here until we get Slaughter node on Passive Tree)
RRRR: Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Maim
RRG: Leap Slam + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun + Faster Attacks
Others: Blood Rage, Flesh and Stone, Herald of Purity, Dread Banner

Act 6 End:
RRRG: Bladestorm + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Close Combat
RRRR: Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Maim
RRG: Leap Slam + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun + Faster Attacks
GR: Blood Rage + Increased Duration
RRRR: Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Vulnerability + Increased Duration
Others: Blood and Sand, Pride, Dread Banner

Act 9 Start:
Switch to Lacerate with links Melee Physial Damage + Brutality + Multistrike.

Fast Levelling Tips:
Here are some tips for fast levelling:

Economy (What To Get):
Act 1: Scroll of Wisdoms(sell Blacksmith Whetstones and Armourer's Scraps / Orb of Transmutation(sell items unidentified)
Act 2: Scroll of Wisdoms(sell Blacksmith Whetstones and Armourer's Scraps / Orb of Alteration(sell items identified)
Act 3+: Scroll of Wisdoms(sell Blacksmith Whetstones and Armourer's Scraps / Orb of Alteration(sell items identified) and after item level 60 do Chaos recipe.

Zone Levels:
Level 1-16: Stay at zone level
Level 16-31: Stay 3-4 levels under zone level
Level 32-47: Stay 4-5 levels under zone level
Level 48-60: Stay 5-6 levels under zone level
Stay at these levels in zones for fastest levelling. Whenever you reach required level difference, keep skipping monsters by leaping.
Level 54-62: Blood Aqueducts is a good place to fast level and do chaos recipe
Level 90+: Do Beachhead rotas until level 94-95, then do Pure Breachstone rotas until level 100.

That’s all about levelling this build, because Lacerate is one of the easiest skills to level with. We don’t need to do anything special here. Build doesn't need any specific items for levelling, but here are some to make it even faster:


Note: Only use Praxis ring if you still have mana issues until Act 6, then change it with a rare ring.


Here are some experiences and success stories(with numbers) shared by people playing the build on this thread. All messages here are from Harvest league.

Enterem wrote:
Hey Thanks for the build. I played like 8 days with this build and what i can say great fast clear, Can do anything like uber elder, deathless Sirius. I was having so much fun playing this build.

With almost same as Meta Gear DPS(4.84m), and Required Gear life(6.1k).

Goshik0425 wrote:
btw sirus 7 possible,0 death

Done on 8th day of the league with 1.9m DPS and 4.9k life(much lower than Required Gear stats which is pretty cheap).

Manavor wrote:
Hello, I really enjoy your build, I have more than 3M Dps now and for mapping T16, 20quality, Corrupt, Its more than enough. For bossing, today I did my first A8 Sirus and it was almost deathless i just did a big mistake at the end.

With really close to Required Gear stats(2.7m DPS, 6.1k life).

Just got my 36 challenges. This build is really strong with a fast clear and solid damage. Thanks to @PegasusRideR for the build. Got a lot of fun.

Done with almost same as Required Gear stats(2.6m DPS, 6.0k life).

Bawalbaba wrote:
Oh my lord, I just switched from Vaal Double Strike to this.

Even with the basic starter gear, I comfortably pushed into high yellow-base red maps. What a beautiful build.

Thank you for this, I don't have to play Cyclone all the time anymore.

SmokedDoubt wrote:
Hi. New player here. Started Poe late last season. I went with your build for this season and I gotta tell you, amazing man. Thank you so much.

kakalinne wrote:
Thank you for build so great i play on ps4 and have alot fun :)

Amazing build, fell in love w this!
Thanks for great job!


As some of you might know, this build has been going on since May 2019 and has improved a lot with it's players' suggestions. I've tried my best to improve it as well by continously making updates, adding content to it and making videos, but never asked for any kind of help until now. For the first time, I need help from you Lacermen. I am preparing to move to another city which will likely to happen around March. Until then, construction of the house will continue and I'll be checking it's construction 2 days each week, also been on a heavy workload because of moving conditions since around Lacerman version's release. I will be playing much less from now on, but still be able to update the guide and answer your questions here. But there is one thing I can't do, which is videos, like I could barely do one this league. At the moment this guide has everything in Videos section but endgame bosses. That is my request from you. Endgame boss videos are needed in a build guide and informative to people wanting to play a build. Can be other endgame stuff like Simulacrum or high percent delirious maps as well. Completely up to you. I will be listing all videos submitted to this thread in Videos section, just need to be deathless and not really bad/sloppy playing. Thanks for your support![23.11.2020]


That’s all about Lacerman build. I hope you liked it and will enjoy playing it. I’ll keep on improving the build and will be updating the build guide page as the game evolves with new patches and items, so don't forget to check it from time to time to see possible future changes to the build. All changes made will be listed in Changes Since Release section.

If you see any misinformation or a way to improve the build, please don’t hesitate to post them here. As well if you have any questions about the build, just ask here, I’ll reply.

Special thanks to DiggerNix, Taraeos and KirbYyY for their ideas and support that helped a lot in the making and improvement of this build.

GL HF, and Happy Lacerating!
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Last bumped on Dec 1, 2020, 10:23:39 AM

Alternate Quality Gems To Use:

For now I recommend using Anomalous Lacerate, Anomalous Blood Rage, Divergent Fortify and Anomalous CWDT as alternate quality gems. Here Anomalous Lacerate gives damage instead of %10 Aoe, which is refundable for extra damage. Anomalous Blood Rage here will make us be able to generate frenzy charges on bosses, Divergent Fortify will give us %5 Overwhelm and Anomalous CWDT will increase Immortal Call's duration by %20. These will be applied to build and removed from here if Heist goes core. Until that, they will stay here.

Please check Running The Build section in first post about how to do Heists.
Last edited by PegasusRideR on Nov 7, 2020, 7:51:34 AM
I can confirm the AOE is better on Lacerate and is better Sunder replacement!
it will be my starter build, i will share my impression during lvling.
Thanks for guide!
hey i have been playing the build more than 4 hours and i think is great but i have a question.

Im alone to take like 1 minute to kill bosses ? like the vaal boss at act 2

the piety boss ( not really killing) so i can ''save'' tolman.

I am level 26
Last edited by neortikfr on Jun 21, 2020, 2:16:35 PM
neortikfr wrote:
hey i have been playing the build more than 4 hours and i think is great but i have a question.

Im alone to take like 1 minute to kill bosses ? like the vaal boss at act 2

the piety boss ( not really killing) so i can ''save'' tolman.

I am level 26

Hi. If bosses are taking too long to kill, just hang on for 2 more levels then you can get Vaal Ancestral Warchief. After that point bossing will become much faster/easier. I tried to check your character but your account is set to private. Weapons are pretty good and should be more than enough though after you get Vaal Ancestral Warchief.
Last edited by PegasusRideR on Jun 21, 2020, 3:40:33 PM
now you can see my character :)

the vaal ancestral chief seems op but i will have to farm to get it right ?
neortikfr wrote:
now you can see my character :)

the vaal ancestral chief seems op but i will have to farm to get it right ?

You can also vaal regular Ancestral Warchief gems to get the vaal version. It's obtainable in Act 3 after Sever the Right Hand quest. Your gear looks good. Should get much better in terms of single targets after Vaal Ancestral Warchief addition.
Is there a version of this that doesn't use cluster jewels? The nerfs in attaining them make the barrier to entry very high, as a mediocre cluster jewel will be much more expensive than in Delirium league.

Gonna give the build a shot anyway because I've always liked Lacerate and want to play it again ;)
~ Seph
sephrinx wrote:
Is there a version of this that doesn't use cluster jewels? The nerfs in attaining them make the barrier to entry very high, as a mediocre cluster jewel will be much more expensive than in Delirium league.

Gonna give the build a shot anyway because I've always liked Lacerate and want to play it again ;)

Build can be played without cluster jewels, no problem. You can simply follow trees listed under passive skill tree section. Those trees are made for levelling and also playing without using a cluster jewel. Cluster jewel trees are in Pob links.

Cluster jewel on required gear is not too hard to craft. And cluster jewel drops are buffed to compensate with delirium not appearing every map, as GGG says. They also stated they want cluster jewels to be used as before, hence they made necessary adjustments. But after some time passes and economy gets settled, we will see what will happen to them and I will make changes to the build if necessary. Meanwhile you can keep playing without cluster jewels.
Last edited by PegasusRideR on Jun 22, 2020, 5:39:41 AM

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