Harvest could be worst league ever?

Astasia wrote:
kekoyaso wrote:
ARPG means is KILL stuff non stop but this mini game mechanics stop and wasting time that is why ppl hate it and Chris must learn that before syndesis and some league i forget

There's no "mini-game." The farming mechanic is fine, they give you the means to automate it, it's less involved than Metamorph. The issue is the fights are trivial and drop essentially nothing, at least early and mid-game. Like I did 24 t1 seeds a couple times and I'd get like a single alt out of it.

The crafting rewards are probably OP, but again crafting is boring and most people want lootsplosions in a game like this.

Sorry less involved than meta ? That is hillarious.

This is 100 times slower and more complex than meta. Its also extremely clunky when building and connecting your garden.

When you have 6+ plots of each color, multiple pylons etc. The ammount of time wasted before even harvesting, which again means reading as much or more than meta once you kill the mobs.

Its plain horrible in comparison to picking 5 body parts to put in a device.

Perfomance wise this is a dream.

Beyond that its mind numbingly boring.

The sheer ammount of seeds i need to sort through in acts + white maps already has me bored as hell.

The garden interface is terrrrrrible.

It seems rushed and unpolished.

Many items are frustrating to place and link, the fact you have to manually place seeds higher than T1 makes the chore even more boring.

Cool idea, terrible implementation .

You also are wasting your time farming and not doing it as there is little loot to be had outside finding a delerium mirror.

If you think You can realistically farm to T16 ignoring the league and make enough currency to make a good build you are dreaming, outside of a mirror or HH drop.

While i love that i can play any build with zero fps loss im severly umderhwelmed.

There is too many results when harvesting, not enough mobs come from the plants to make it fun .

I play PoE for an arpg, this league is far too little arpg and far too much farmville.

Then there is the seed storage... Like gross, i am not portaling in to drop 3-5 seeds off each time , thats 2 load screens for what ? Even with my non existent loading screens it is disgusting.

If delerium felt bad because you couldnt slow down at all this feels like a waste of my time.

Normally id be so pumped by the new league im pulling an all nighter, sadly i cant even get excited about doing this for another 4-8 weeks.

dont really like it so far....even synthesis was better,at least we got loot to drop,nothing seems to drop in the garden and the craft options are meh so far
Harvest so far feels no different than playing standard....

I've been saying this every league.
they doing circle think between leagues looks like

one league good one league bad and keep going like that

delirium was good harvest bad probly next league gonna be good i hope
Honestly, after getting snacks and everything ready for launch I fell asleep after 3 beers and halfway through Act 2! Crafting has never held my interest though.

Performance is so much better then what Delirium was for me, some nice skills available too. If you like crafting its prob a wet dream for you. I cant really base a League on 1 Act lol so back to the game. Hf.
Yeah im thinking of quittin (just completed act 4)
Its just boring, even bestiary was more fun.
really hate the league mechanic has some nice crafts but ehh not really worth stressing over.
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Seems like this will be a lesson learned: don't craft content that suits slow, old farts like me; the kids will get bored silly.

I happen to like it though. Hop into the farm when desired, do what I want at my own pace. Pretty much ensures I always have rare rings / ammies / belts with mods I want. Gives nice crafting abilities to a n00bcake like me.

Should come as no surprise that racers chafe like hell over this.
Should come as no surprise that someone like me who despises timers is ok with it.
Its going to be close. This league is so barren, it reminds me of some older leagues. Like back in the day leagues.

I mean they managed to make it even more annoying and have less stuff to kill then Synthesis.

For the current PoE landscape, this could just be one of the worst leagues ever. I mean even Synthesis had mobs at least. The entire mapping may have been convoluted and annoying, and racing against blue goo, but you at least had mobs to kill

This is basically standard. This is like playing Torment or something. Its just awful.

And it also has the same pitfalls that plague every one of these leagues for no reason whatsoever. Ridiculous inventory bloat. Needlessly complicated mechanics.

Its a really, really bad league so far, and its so bad its hard to imagine how its gonna get fixed. What? Throw 10 more mobs on the patch of plants?

You are literally playing Standard at this point its so barebones. Especially after coming in behind a mob density league like Delirium. This just feels like I logged into Standard to play a little while, and use some standard currency to craft some while I'm there.
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