Harvest could be worst league ever?

Y'all having 3 or 4 challenges and talking about "sense of progression" when you aren't even in maps yet when the league mechanic takes off and lets you craft some amazing shit.

It's a harsh gap in terms of action between Delirium and Harvest, but personally, I like the change of pace after grinding 40/40 challenges, hitting level 100 etc.

Give it more time. It's a good league.
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ArtCrusade wrote:
Y'all having 3 or 4 challenges and talking about "sense of progression" when you aren't even in maps

pretty much that's how bad this feels
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I like it so far,

I don't know how I feel about it later on but...

I don't feel the need to rush like previous league and can play a slower build and just enjoy something different whiteout being punish for "being slow"

Also I want to note that delirium loot was... crappy at first.
Keep complaining about it and they probably buff it at one point.
The point remain it still a crafting league and they probably make some stuff easier / QoL thing at one point like they always do.
Yeah, garden mechanic is terrible and non intuitive. Requires you to stop from playing the game every few maps and figure out that garden bullshit layout and planting seeds if you want to get any good rewards from it. Honestly I can't be bothered with it and since GGG reduces regular drop rates to force people into a new mechanic every league - it's just a standard league with worse drops.
I’m in act 8 now and stopped gardening for a while now. All my plants are ready to harvest but I just can’t be bothered to do it. Hate the fact the every time you harvest you’re forced to craft or compress the life points or it’s wasted. Harvest aside, I guess the objective for me is to just reach maps and go back to standard. What a major disaster of a league GGG.
the crafts are nice, but this mechanic is absolutely terrible and doesn't belong in an ARPG.

this is an ARPG, aka the kill things, maybe think a small amount of how something works out then kill more things genre.

I shouldn't be needing to look at diagrams just to setup a farm then read into how to even work getting seeds growing.

aka... the dispensers are my whole issue with this league, get rid of all that extra nonsense required on T2/3/4 seeds and maybe required them to be fed life force of any form to grow after a certain number of growth cycles(and have a much larger growth cycle than lower tiers, which should be reducible by pumping even more life force into it), get rid of the adjacent seeds requirement to...

Also have life force dispersed from the collector... make it an upgrade or something

Synthesis was far better than this mechanic wise.
Everyone who is just blowing off the league mechanic...I understand where you are coming from. This is a crafting league and the mechanics are not adding much to the game combat-wise.

That being said, the things you can craft this league are so obnoxiously easy that even casuals will be getting mirror gear. It would be a good league to run a build you normally couldn't afford because it has a lot of top grade rares.
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Fixed up my farm layout, things are much more simpler for me now. Don't mind this league so far.
But with all the caster options I wish I started as totems, not seeing anything for minion builds so far.
One thing I've noticed is that harvest has a GREAT interaction with Delirium. You can pop a mirror, run to/hop into your harvest portal. And harvest multiple fields for an easy 4/2 or better rewards that you can do entirely at your own pace.

As far as the mechanic by itself its better than I was expecting TBH - will have to see if the crafting options are still decent in maps (I have high hopes) I do like that I don't feel super penalized if I just grab the seeds, auto plant them, and run off for a few maps in a row then mass harvest - in fact that seems to work a lot better. I was afraid we'd need to harvest them constantly and it'd interrupt the game flow.
It's just so boring. There's no challenge to it at all. The mobs you kill when harvesting might as well not even be there.

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