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HC SSF/GSF Harvest league! Only mod is No Magic/Rare items. Perfect for harvest! :)

SGFF - Solo/Group Found Farm League!


This has been posted by a friend of mine pre-league start but now updating with what we went ahead with, we have quite a few players! Please read below and see if it's something you would enjoy, if you want to play with people, we have quite a few in our guild and disc. It's definitely quite a lot of run with Harvest and makes the League mechanic more enjoyable to use.

Think of the excitement of SSF...meets group play ....with emphasis on crafting and the upcoming challenge league!

Objective: Craft and trade amongst your small group and face a more difficult challenge relying on crafting as your source of power! Or solo if you prefer!

Difficulty: Hardcore

Mods: • No Magic or Rare Items Drop


The premise is a difficult league with limited/no trading to really explore the mechanics of the new crafting system and get a sense of awe when you craft/receive an upgrade. To make finding an upgrade for yourself or a group mate meaningful, instead of the disappointing experience of price checking. It is the self-found experience with a small group/solo - where you help each other face the league mods.


You can join solo or with friends. Trading is limited between your group or people you play with, there is no selling, just barters!

Trade: Since group found cannot be enforced as per the current custom league rules. There is gentleman’s agreement that you will only trade with your designated group.

League Mods

The league is a hardcore league. We want a difficult experience where engaging with the league mechanic is more rewarding.

One main mod that will be enabled that we believe helps us achieve this is “No magic or Rare Drops”. This limits currency and loot piñata style item drops without inconveniencing your gameplay. It will ensure that crafting is more impactful in a league that is catered to creating your own items.

Please let me know if you wish to come and join us, the league has started already but always looking for more people to join. It’s quite a lot of fun! 😊

Currently actively playing, reply here if you wish to join and I'll send an invite!

Feel free to also message me on discord at #Rhyth8245

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Is there a global channel for this group?
Hey, sorry I missed this! Yes there is, the global channel is 7195.

We're still going strong and just extended the league! Please apply if anyone else wants to join! :)

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