SC Harvest League - [no Mods] - [SSF or GSF] - [/global 933] - [German or English]

Hi everyone,

we have some free Spots in our Private League. Feel free to request if you are looking for a selffound League (Solo or with Friends). Our current Players are mostly from the same Guild and speak German or English.


As of this post we still have 8 free Spots and will Crowdfund more Duration or Spots if necessary.

If you end up quitting please leave the League so we free up Spots for new Exiles.

-Global Chat-
/global 933

German or English

Best Regards,
Last bumped on Jul 2, 2020, 1:49:43 PM
- Update & Push -

current Spots:
14 / 20

We have also started a Crowdfund for 30 more days. So the League will go on for a little longer. :)

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