[3.12] Radiating Carrion Golems. 90% resistances + 10-20 Mil DPS

3.12 Patch Info
Wow this build actually got buffed in 3.12

+ 4-6% ES Regen per second (Vitality rework)
+ More damage from Vulnerability over duration
+ Punishment curse for exploding corpses option (instead of Vulnerability)
+ Minions sustain through logout

- 3-4% less Minion Regen per second (Vitality rework)

This build can be run as a league start with 0 cluster jewels but does get significantly better with clusters. The nerf to aura jewel notables we didn't use will hopefully decrease demand for them making them cheaper for us

New lowered Vitality reservation allows us to swap Vitality and Purity of lightning locations to drop "Pure aptitude" notable from the build. The extra aura effect is better and simpler. I have updated the guide and pastebins although the new Vitality gem isn't in them yet so the reservation and regen given is currently wrong

Added a section of the guide discussing alternative quality gems as I expect this to be a FAQ for a while

Vivisect rings are expensive early then rapidly drop in price which will delay the transition from wicked ward into zealots oath. The rest of the gearing should be the same as the purchase order written in the guide

I started off Harvest league as an aura stacking necromancer since its something that can clear the atlas with budget gear and then upgrade into endgame content and I have to say it was my smoothest league starter and fastest Awakening 8 Sirus kill

My focus was on aura effect, the build is very unique heavy so all crafting can be focused on cluster jewels making it really easy to hit 200% effect to give 90% elemental resistances and very healthy minion damage


On atlas completion my character had
- 7,700 ES
- 14.5% ES regen per second
- 90% Elemental Resistances
- 10% Reduced Physical Damage Taken (Bone Barrier)
- 46% Chance to Avoid Attacks (86% flasked & blinded)
- 10% Reduced damage taken (Jinxed Juju)


2,495,016 x 5 = 12,475,080 DPS

Got up to 20 Mil after upgrading cluster jewels and awakened gems, still room to improve but got bored and transitioned into

Dom Blow
With minimal changes this build can be used with most minion types. I tried swapping to dominating blow and have been impressed by its clearspeed. I have added videos and a pastebin for this option.

Defense is better with a little more ES/ES regen

Damage is 22 Mil with the 9 normal melee splashing sentinels. Up to 30 Mil with the magic and rare ones, higher if you swap out splash for maim on bosses.

In my opinion Dom blow is better after you have a budget to be crushing content but is worse in situations where you are still somewhat squishy as you need to get up in the faces of the bosses to summon your minions. Passive permanent minions on the other hand allow you focus entirely on dodging/going to get a drink

Dom Blow was much better in mapping but more dangerous against A8 Sirus


Earlier version of league starting Golems

Phoenix clearing Map

Awakening 8 Sirus
I just finish my atlas and unlocked this. One death, should have dodged the big lazer

Dom Blow Endgame

Phoenix clearing Map

Hydra clearing Map

Uber Elder


Gear Breakdown

I stick with clayshaper for +1 golem and 25% better coverage while clearing. Cold Iron point would be something like +15% combined DPS but thats only on paper, it feels worse for actual mapping

This item is pretty much the core of the build. Enables running an extra 3 auras at low reservation cost which justifies pushing aura effect so high. Cheap too with good other stats

In endgame we buy one with physical damage taken as cold/fire/lightning
Then use our crafting bench to force it into correct sockets and colours

Two socket craft = 1 Jewelers + 1 Vaal
Two Green Socket = 25 Chrome + 25 Vaal
Thee socket Craft = 3 Jewelers + 3 Vaal

This has 50% chance to get red on the third socket so you might need to do it down to two sockets then up to 3 once more for another 4 Jewelers + 4 Vaal so average cost of 33 Vaal + 25 Chrome + 8 Jewelers. No need to link anything

Vertex for +1 gems to help keep zombies alive and good evasion + ES. Technically possible to craft better rares but the currency is better spent elsewhere

Lowlife build so shavs. I completed 90% of the atlas and got to level 93 with a 6-link Solaris lorica for cheap before I upgraded, build is very sustainable on the cheap version

Colouring the shavs with enough red sockets can be tricky.
If you are using impale support you need 2B 3R 1G which is a avg 478 chrome cost with the crafting bench "1 red socket" craft

Without impale support needs 2B 4R which is a avg 754 chrome cost with the crafting bench "3 red socket" craft

Some league mechanics can make this task easier like putting Vorchi into Fortification on your betrayal board for up to 3 white sockets

Only rare item in the build. Needs high ES and high INT along with a free suffix to craft + to all attributes for extra STR and DEX

Sin Trek for ES, Evasion, DEX and INT. We need all these things.

Can be enchanted with "Life regen if hit recently" or "Movement speed if not hit recently" in lab/uber lab. Worth doing unless you get unlucky and can't hit either

In 3.12 we can use Presence of Chayula while still hitting 200% aura effect so Its now the better option

Jinxed Juju is the leveling amulet and *almost* as good as Chayula. STR, DEX, INT, aura effect, chaos resistance and 10% less damage taken is amazing for its price. Better DPS, slightly worse defense but lacking stun immunity

Anointing Charisma has a pricetag on it so in the budget stage you anoint Wisdom of the Glade and travel to get it manually

Vivisect rings are great for flat ES regen and all attributes plus they boost our discipline and purity up for extra defenses. The unveil can be endurance charge for physical defense, chaos resistance for chaos or +attributes if you are struggling to hit the requirements there

With good Ghastly eye jewels its very difficult to beat the newly buffed darkness enthroned.

I have seen Abyss belts with %ES regen rate + Strength + Flat ES that are tempting but its a large cost for a sidegrade

Alternative Quality Gems

So when assessing these I compared between 20/20 regular gems 21/0 regular gems and 20/20 alternative quality gems.

I did this because I find it unlikely we will be able to reasonably get 21/20 versions of the alternative quality gems but 21/0 gems of any kind are within reach of people playing the build

I read all the gems but shall only include the ones where I think the alternative quality version is better then 21/0, none of the minions will meet this criteria since they gain so much benefit from levels. Disipline and the purities also are better with +1 level then alt quality.

All support gems with an awakened version already have a better option then the alt quality so I would just save for that

Feeding Frenzy Support
Alternate Quality 1 Minions from Supported Skills recover 1% of Life on Hit
Alternate Quality 2 Supported Skills have 10% increased Minion Movement Speed

Both these are better but I'm particularity interested in recover on hit. That seems like a massive boost for our support zombies

Alternate Quality 2 You and nearby Allies have 20% increased Damage while on Full Mana

We need to find out if minions count to be on full mana but if they are then free damage.

Alternate Quality 1 10% reduced Mana Reserved

Lets you level it up a few times. Very very small benefit maybe worse then original quality

Alternate Quality 2 Nearby Enemies have -5% to Physical Damage Reduction

Possibly not even better. AOE puts things in range faster and the longer they are in range the more damage they take. Overwhelm is decent though so maybe

Damage on Full Life Support
Alternate Quality 1 Supported Skills Leech 0.5% of Attack Damage Leeched as Life

I'd lose 10% increased damage to give golems leech, why not

Alternate Quality 1 10% increased Effect of Curse

Better then base quality. Not that much impact

Dominating Blow
Alternate Quality 3 Maximum 2 Summoned Normal Sentinels of Dominance

Bonus for those who want to do the dominating blow version of the build. If you are against a boss where you can only spawn normal sentinels then this one is 10% more damage then a 21/0 dom blow gem. Less life and worse damage during clear when you have the magic sentinels up though so side-grade making you better against... Sirus really

Map Mods

This character can run anything except physical reflect.

We are way overcapped on resistances so ele weakness/getting cursed is not a problem and we shrug off most of the "added damage as extra element" mods.

No regen maps are annoying as they make you rely on recharge rate and turn off your shield charge. I only run these if I corrupt a juicy map into it

Porcupines on Vulnerability maps can be dangerous. Watch for that



Commander of Darkness scales super well with aura stacking/effect and the first pick

Mindless Agression + Unnatural Strength is just minion damage and life. Both of these things are good.

Bone Barrior's physical damage reduction + life regen is very useful. Also grants us a guard skill without taking a gem slot. Great but last pick since it doesn't have any damage on it

This ascendency works better with stacking a whole bunch of primordial harmonies and multiple different golem types. Carrion golems don't need as much cooldown recovery as the other golem types but we need global minion defenses to keep our support zombies/spectres alive which elementlist doesn't do

I've tested scion and guardian in Pob as their extra physical damage reduction is appealing but they cannot match the necromancer in terms of DPS or more importantly minion life. Your minions do no damage if they are dead and even after giving them 90% resistances they need a very healthy HP supply to survive in endgame content which is only available on the necromancer


4 defensive flasks and 1 movement speed one

Standard removes bleed and freeze flasks. Third immunity is users choice.

Taste of hate with this much cold resistance is better protection then basalt flask and helps cover the physical weakness

Jewels/Jewel Crafting Guide

Cluster Jewels

This section is written with advice on how to craft your own jewels but you can also just purchase one with the stats you want. Which is cheaper will depend on the market

Important when rolling jewels is that we want enough small 6% aura nodes to hit 200% total effect. Most of the notables on aura jewels are bad and get in the way of this goal. Anything other then the 2 named notables in this guide make the jewel worse.

Replenishing Presence Jewel
You will need 4 of these. Its easier to craft on a lower level base here as those ones can't roll most of the bad notables we don't want

Craft of exile has the chance of hitting both Replenishing + Aura Effect or First Among Equals at 56 chaos rolls. Higher Ilevel clusters can roll better attributes which is good but increases the number of chaos rolls to hit the combo we want

Only 3 Prefixes are worth getting. Your jewel must have at least 1 but should have 2
- Replenishing Presence
- First among equals
- Small passives has 25% increased effect

Suffixes are less important. Any of these do make the jewel better but its fine if you don't hit them
- All attributes
- Intelligence
- Strength
- Chaos Resistance
- Life regen

Large Cluster Jewels

Minion bases are generally expensive so start with cheap non minion base with 8 passives

+2 jewel sockets is now locked in so just use alterations on it until you hit flat ES or any attributes. That'll do fine for pretty much the whole game and you can come back and craft a proper minion jewel when you have plenty of chaos to spare

Large Minion Cluster Jewel Crafting
There is 2 options here. First is to buy an ilevel 75 jewel which can roll good high tier mods like vicious bites and higher tier flat ES. This is *expensive*. Both the base jewel and the crafting as the number of bad combinations is significantly higher

Second option is much easier where you buy a lower ilevel base which eliminates the possibility of rolling all the bad notables except call to slaughter


The list of good possible mods is

- Renewal
- Flat ES
- Added Small Passive Skills have 25% increased Effect
- Rotten claws
- Attributes of any kind
- Life regen
- Chaos resistance
- Minion attack speed
- Feasting Fiends (little bit of minion life but worse then improving small nodes)

More good options make it easier to hit something good and many of these are defensive which the build generally wants more then offense.

Rotton claws is good but requires rechroming. Even just 1 of these pushes your impale chance high enough that impale support can be replaced with damage on full life support for extra damage similar to what vicious bites gives.

Abyss Jewels
Ideally flat ES on both of these.

Blinding minions on one is very helpful

Useful slot to pick up needed STR/DEX. Minion Movement speed & Added minion flat physical damage are also good

Primordial jewels
Anima Stone is high priority for any golem build.
I was planning on going 2x harmonies and a primordial might but I kept buying other upgrades first as It just never felt necessary to get might for the 'aggressive' golems. Enough minion movement speed has almost the same practical effect and gives you room for another harmony

Watcher's Eye
Many good options for a defensive watcher's eye in this build

Here is a search for a watcher's eye with 2 good mods, check Item purchase order first as there is higher priorities then an expensive jewel here


Path of Building

You need the Pob community fork. Base pob is lacking 3.12 data may not work with the pastebins. If it does work it will not be displaying damage correctly for a large number of reasons

Vitality gem has been updated in reservation but not in effect. Once this is fixed the ES regen will go up a good amount

Base Carrion Build
This is what my gear was at when I finished the atlas at league start


Endgame Carrions
This is what I got my character up to. Still some upgrades to be made but better dps and swapped into Chayula Amulet
Now have 20 Mil combined DPS & 8,600 ES

Dom Blow Variant (Endgame)

The tree is very similar I just cut Unnatural calm & Golem Commander to pick up Insightfulness & Aligned Spirits so I have enough mana to attack constantly

Swapped Curse into Stone golem

Precision now cannot be supported by generosity as we need good accuracy too and needs a few more levels

After making the vids I got some gloves with "Strike skills target 1 additional target" which has made things a bit smoother

Poe planner link

Much less informative but here is a link for the planner tree

Gem Selection


Carrion Golem with pure damage gems. Eventually will replace more of these with awakened versions but its not much difference. If you have rotten claws from a cluster jewel impale can be swapped for Damage on Full Life or Ruthless


Support zombies. Provides Maim and feeding frenzy buffs along with keeping 'nearby' golems for their innate damage requirement. Maim can be replaced with lvl 21 Animate Guardian if you have bought the good items to deck it out


Support Spectres that need blood magic to spam their charge spell. Blood magic also supporting clarity and vitality to give us enough room for everything

Base build uses 2x Host Chieften and 1x Carnage Chieften. Check FAQ for other options

In endgame Clarity will be swapped with empower for +1 Spectre or minion life support if you worry about keeping them alive


Dread banner and precision get a nice boost from generosity but more important is giving them +40% increased AOE so it has more coverage. Also spot for our curse. I used Temp chains for most of my playthrough until I hit a white socket to swap back and forth.

Keep precision at level 10 so we have enough mana to curse and shield charge


Shield Charge with fortify, good movement skill and the 3rd purity gem


Prism Guardian gives us more auras then normally possible. Corrupting to level 21 haste gives +3% movement speed. Corrupted lvl 21 purity of ice for +3% max cold resistance


Vivisect rings give +5 to level of aura, this is very good on discipline for extra ES. Purity of fire gives us +3% fire resistance and we don't need to buy a lvl 21 version for the aura in this ring

Endgame Changes

Clarity in gloves swapped into lvl 3 empower for +1 support spectre (Requires lvl 21 spectre gem). Spectre options discussed in FAQ

Maim Support in helm swapped into Animate Guardian. Itemisation discussed in FAQ

Some alternative gems that would be nice to fit in are flesh offering, enduring cry, & convocation (and putting clarity back in)

Its very hard to make cuts in the build. Fortify & shield charge can be swapped out if thats your preference


Soul of Brine King for stun avoidance until you get Chayula then swap to Soul of Lunaris for chain immunity

Soul of Garukhan for movement speed once upgraded


Skill gems
You will swap into golems at lvl 41 when you can use clayshaper. Before then its a generic necromancer start and you can choose whichever minion skills you want to use. Two I've used a few times are mule yourself a smite gem and level as herald of purity + zombies + holy relic or SRS + minion instability

Use either leap slam or flamedash as your movement skill while leveling

Once you complete the library be sure to buy a copy of all the gems this build uses and level them in gear and secondary weapon slots. If you don't have the right colours keep them in your inventory as a reminder that they need leveling. Lvl 1 gems will make things much harder on yourself later when you swap into the full setup.

If you only have a 4-link then put the golems in the +2 helm. Make sure you pair Carrion golem with multistrike then the other 2 links can be any of the 4 other gems depending on what colour it chromes (they are all damage gems of similar effect at this stage)

The leveling auras will be just Dread banner, Pride and Discipline. You should be able to swap over to running everything at level 68 when you can equip the prism guardian so long as you have picked up all the reservation nodes including charisma

Once you hit lvl 70 I recommend buying a lvl 20 Summon Carrion Golem gem. It should be a cheap significant power boost and you can resell it later when you come to replace it


Some good leveling uniques to make things smoother. Early rings, gloves and amulet should be anything you find with good strength on them as you'll need it to equip the clayshapers early. You don't need unset rings yet as you are leveling your unused gems in offhand gear.

Other then this gear and before you can buy a copy (even the super cheap stuff) Just use any rares you find off the ground with decent stats. Necromancers don't really get damage off gear so attributes ES and resistances are all you're really after

Rush wicked ward first. You will rely on ES recharge until you get a good amount of the ES regen and probably both vivisect rings as their flat regen is really good. Once you have enough regen be sure to unspec Wicked ward as it halves your regen rate. Then

- Ravenous Horde (faster minion speed)
- Death Attunement (minion life to keep them alive)
- Golem Commander (you should be almost lvl 41 now so +1 golem)

At this point its just aura effect + reservation nodes and the better ES nodes. You want to have all the reduced reservation nodes taken by lvl 68

You'll need to manually travel down to Charisma and keep those nodes until you can afford 2x golden oils for the anoint on the amulet

If you've completed the tree but still have points to spare and do not have good cluster jewels yet there is many good ES nodes to pick up or Aligned Spirits/Rightious Army for damage. There is no need to rush in a bad jewel when there is perfectly decent tree nodes that can be unspeced out of later

Item Purchase Order. Early leveling to Endgame Min/Maxing

Here is my general ordering based on price vs impact

Early leveling
- Clayshaper x2
- Temporary items mentioned in the leveling section.
- Max aura effect Jinxed Juju
- Prism Guardian

Getting into Endgame
- 5-link Solaris Lorica
- Endgame Boots, Rings, Helm, Gloves (can buy cheaper low rolls and replaced later if needed)
- Anima Stone (Vendor recipe using 1 of each primordial is usually cheaper)
- 3x Primordial jewels for +1 golem (Can buy Eminence then upgrade to Harmonies later)
- 6-link Solaris Lorica
- 2x Golden Oil for Charisma Anoint (Choose between Juju or Presence of Chayula)
- Replenishing Presence Jewel Purchase/crafting x4

Mid/High Tier Mapping
- lvl 21 Golem
- lvl 21 Vaal Impurity of Ice (vaal is cheaper)
- Lvl 21 Haste
- 6-link Shavronns Wrappings
- Corrupted Shield with "physical damage taken as Fire/Cold/Lightning" (See Gear section for link)
- Large Minion Cluster jewel Purchase/Crafting
- Defensive Watcher's Eye
- Awakened Brutality/Melee Physical damage
- lvl 21 Discipline

Endgame Refinement
- lvl 21 Zombies & Spectres
- lvl 3 Empower for +1 Spectre (optional)
- Lvl 21 Animate Guardian + Good guardian gear (optional, see FAQ)
- 21/20 Summon Carrion Golem gem
- Attribute quality catalyst on Rings/Juju
- Craft top tier gloves with ES + Attributes + minion damage
- lvl 21/20 vaal impurity of Fire+Cold+Light (quality AOE to cover minions more reliably)
- Crafting to make perfect cluster and Abyss Jewels
- Carrion Golem enchant on good base to crafted into top tier helm
- Awakened Mutistrike
- 3 Good Mod Watcher's Eye


I can't run all the auras
The most common things people miss is either Charisma but all the mana reservation nodes from the top 3 clusters are taken as well.

Charisma is first obtained by pathing down to pick it up manually but when you can afford it you anoint it onto the amulet and refund those pathing points

Depending on how much life you have available you may need to have Vitality at less then lvl 20

Clarity and Precision reserve more mana the higher level they are. This build keeps clarity at lvl 1 and Precision at lvl 10. Any higher could make you unable to use them

I can't get my resistances up to 90%
You want 200% aura effect which is also worth doing as that breakpoint gives commander of darkness an extra 1% attack speed per aura.

You can check your current aura effect total by importing your character into Pob then going to the "calc" tab then selecting one of your auras which should be at 3x base

If its not then usually this is because one of your medium cluster jewels has less then 6 passives or it has rolled one of the notables that do not contain global aura effect

With my current setup your lightning resistance will only be 88%. There is a few ways to get it up to 90% and I used to use one but now I think the opportunity cost is a bit high and just leave that one at 88%

How can I get a 4th Spectre/Which spectres to use?
To get a 4th spectre you need gem lvl 25 so lvl 21 gem +2 (ascendancy) +2 (Empower) so you need to add in empower to the gloves setup

I think 2x frenzy monkies is good because charges fall off while waiting on boss animations and double monkies will speed up reapplying them once the fighting starts but using just 1 should be fine in most situations if you prefer. Frenzies are the biggest dps boost along with reliable movement speed during mapping

Power charge monkies are pure dps

"Arena Master" is a spectre that is only encountered coming out of the portals that are created in Drox, The Warlord (yellow influence) maps. The speed buff they give is roughly equal to power charge damage from host chieftain but also provides movement speed that makes mapping a bit smoother. Their buff doesn't have any ramp up time on bosses but with 1 spectre its only going to be up about half the time

They of Thul is commonly suggested and casts "snow cloak" a great defensive spell that gives the party dodge and less damage taken in an area. This is good on bosses but useless while mapping as you don't stay still enough to be in its radius

For clearspeed 2x frenzy monkies and 2x arena master will be smoothest. If you are bossing or have vicious bites on your large cluster jewels then 2x frenzy 1x Power and 1x arena or 1 of each will be best

Should I run an Animate Guardian? What Items should it have?

Having an Animate guardian die and take all your items with it is *very* annoying so I wouldn't bother using one until you can buy a lvl 21 gem to put in the +1 helm with minion life (replacing maim support). 20/20 gem might also be acceptable as mine has survived fine so far but there is some surprise burst damage in maps like acid caverns that could risk it with too many damage mods

Dying Breath (Budget)
Kingmaker (Endgame)

Most expensive but best item for your guardian. Aura fortify, crit multi and culling strike

Body Armour
Bloodbond (Budget)
Belly of the Beast (Option)
Garb of the Ephemeral (Very Expensive)

Our Guardian will already have really solid regen but we want to push its life total as high as possible to protect against one-shot damage. %Life has far far more impact then flat life so items like bloodbond with %Life + Regen or belly for pure %Life are good. Bloodbond being a nice balance and dirt cheap

Garb of the Ephemeral is the best aura chestpiece but very expensive just for "Nearby Enemies cannot deal Critical Strikes". It has no life so you would need to get more from alternative sources like extra gem levels (via weapon swap or +3 minions helm) or %minion life on jewels

Southbound (Budget)
Southbound corrupted with curse on hit (Option)

Good %increased life gloves. Can buy with Enfeeble or Vulnerability curse on hit. This will override your self cast curse with an inferior version so only use if you want to gem swap with another utility gem as your main cast

Leer Cast (budget)
Rare with "nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage" (Endgame)

Good damage items. It would also be nice if the rare has chaos resistance too but just the damage mod is good

Victario's Flight (Budget & Endgame)

Movement speed aura. Good boots

Why is my damage so much lower when I import my character?
So this character is a little complicated to get the Pob working.

The pob fork now calculates for Carrion golems itself and we no longer need to add anything onto an item but we do need to check many boxes in the config tab.

You must disable any vaal auras and enable the normal version. Things like vaal haste will default as vaal haste "on" but Haste itself "off"

In the gems section you need to disable the stone golem gem as it'll be giving some extra damage that doesn't exist

The config tab we have
- Pride Aura effect set to maximum effect
- Carrion golems are nearby 10 non-golem minions
- Minions are always on full life
- Minions use power charges
- Minions use frenzy charges
- # of summoned minions = 15
- Feeding Frenzy is Active
- Enemy is Maimed
- Enemy is intimidated (if you have woke melee phys)
- Set target to Shaper or Sirus
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This build looks fantastic, and seems to be working out pretty well for you. What do you think are advantages of going Necro over elementalist are? The reason I ask, is that I am running a carrion golem elementalist and it feels bad that most of my Ascendancies feel like they do nothing.
britchez wrote:
This build looks fantastic, and seems to be working out pretty well for you. What do you think are advantages of going Necro over elementalist are? The reason I ask, is that I am running a carrion golem elementalist and it feels bad that most of my Ascendancies feel like they do nothing.

Thanks I've had fun with this character. I agree if feels bad that so much of elemetalit isn't minion based. Elementalist has some neat things like ailment immunity and more golem quantity but for the style of golemancer I was going for this league necromancer does it better
Damn man this looks really unique and amazing. Ive been kinda meh about the league and petered out on a few characters. this looks really amazing so I'm going to give it a try! i have like 0 currency so I'll let you know how it goes as a 2nd league start for me, haha.

do you run a primordial might anywhere? PoB isnt showing one but I figured there'd be one somewhere for the agressive golems
Last edited by queebl on Jun 25, 2020, 12:54:44 AM
That phoenix kill took 10 seconds from the first leap to him,since it only has 30M life, that's well under 10M dps. More like 3M applied DPS.

queebl wrote:
Damn man this looks really unique and amazing. Ive been kinda meh about the league and petered out on a few characters. this looks really amazing so I'm going to give it a try! i have like 0 currency so I'll let you know how it goes as a 2nd league start for me, haha.

do you run a primordial might anywhere? PoB isnt showing one but I figured there'd be one somewhere for the agressive golems

I had planned on including primordial might which is why one of my jewels is essence rather then harmony but I kept mapping and it never felt like it was really needed. My minions have enough movement speed to be pretty aggressive and you direct them with the curse. Probably good either way
Aboba wrote:
That phoenix kill took 10 seconds from the first leap to him,since it only has 30M life, that's well under 10M dps. More like 3M applied DPS.

Yep pob dps never 100% matches actual played game play as every build has set up time to approach the target and apply debuffs. Plus time spent dodging. I always recommend watching videos to get a better feel for what kind of character they are.

That map had 33% more life and it takes 4 seconds for pride to reach full effect so things like that are why your math is less standard then what pob gives. Maybe someday we'll get a training dummy in the game but even if we did I'm sure that would cause problems too
Last edited by WaffleT on Jun 25, 2020, 7:28:58 AM
Again an interesting build and I have two questions:

1. How good is it for delve?
2. A zombie build seems to have more eHP / dps / defenses (block, chaos res), any thoughts on this?

Reference: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2624013
Last edited by foojin on Jun 25, 2020, 7:47:08 AM
I'm switching to this, Trying it out. Looking good.

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