What are your favorite music releases of 2020?

Any genre and suggest how many you want, as long as it’s from 2020.Bonus points if it’s from indie artist(s)!

I’m really into darksynth/retrowave, so here’s three of my heavy rotations from this year of 2020:

https://open.spotify.com/album/4gtqVmDvXP1E4NNB4n4f90?si=ZORxYhc7SM2vYURUoD4u6Q Mirror by Dimitri De Alencar - dark synth, heavy, “Wall Street Hyenas” is fantastic!

https://open.spotify.com/album/1l68bpP2W5hTXxxYFIjFOI?si=4Qce2w1uR7itwYdKb7O15w Virtuaverse.ost by MBR - another dark synth album that could well be a soundtrack for a cyberpunk game!

https://open.spotify.com/album/46B5NCVdSnA9Y8e39vP2m5?si=cWCuD0CVSkGQyqOOds68hA Electric Heart by Roxi Drive - a great Retrowave album from a great singer!
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The new Mushroomhead...


So good!
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These are mostly albums that have been released so far. Album. Artist. Genre (and no I'm not going to get into sub-genres so anyone reading this, don't get your little girl panties in a bunch if I say Rock as the parent genre and not a sub-genre like metal or it's million supersub-genres):

Album: Killing the Neighbors
Artist(s): Tom MacDonald & Madchild
Genre: Rap

Album: Mother
Artist: In This Moment
Genre: Rock

Album: Like a House on Fire
Artist: Asking Alexandria
Genre: Rock

Album: F8
Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Genre: Rock

Album: Lady Like
Artist: Ingrid Andress
Genre: Country

Album: Sommeil Levant
Artist: Hoshi
Genre: Pop (French)

Album: Bettie James (released in 4 days, but close enough that I'm super excited)
Artist: Jimmie Allen
Genre: Country

And of course the year's end mystery album!!!
Album: ????!!!!
Artist: Cradle of Filth
Genre: Rock
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been listening to loads of ambient recently, here are a few recs from this year
four tet - sixteen oceans
jacaszek - music for film
ferry corsten - as above so below

that last album is coming from an artist who generally makes trance music, but he released a pure ambient album and it's surprisingly good
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Everything from Randy Rainbow.
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Ka - Decendants of Cain


The man can't be beat.
<3 - Starcadian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-KlLriSLRs in 2x speed
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Eminem - Music to be murdered by
Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

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My favorite 2020 album isMap of the Soul: Persona Extended play by BTS Because This Map of the Soul: Persona is a new era for BTS album I mean it follows the storyline of Love Yourself series where now the youth growing to young adult/adult. The message of the album is about finding happiness and love. I have listened to all the tracks so many times and fully understand each one of it. Since the start BTS always not afraid to try new things for their music and it shows in this album how versatile and creative they are. Language is not really a barrier to enjoy good music. I will just give brief explanation my sentiment for each track: Intro: Persona - Classic rap with trendy vibe...RM's rap is phenomenal and the lyrics is about knowing who you are may be you have different personas but it's still you. Boy with luv - Very catchy and ear candy song, happiness and love is the main message of this song. It's about how the little things about someone you love can make you happy. Make it right - it has a serenade feels "saying after all the hardship I want to be with you, I will make this right, I'll make it better" Mikrokosmos - it has sentimental feels more of like a "thank you for your love song" but not the romantic type, it has deeper meaning, in this song BTS compared the love they receive from many people to stars that shine over them that completes their galaxy...BTS and ARMYs connections. HOME - This is my favorite track from the album, I just love it, it's so hard to explain may be becoz its my type of music. It's about the comfort that home brings...comparing home as the people we feel comfortable, loved and happy. Jamais Vu- Its an emotional song that is about giving yourself a chance to heal. Dionysus - Its a BANGER...BOP, rock vibe...how to put a coolest celebration just like the greek God Dionysus theme for this song. Try the songs and you will know what I'm saying...If you want to know the lyrics you can find it in BTS videos/archives or may be asked an ARMY they will tell you.

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