[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

Basicly anything that spawns onto the map is a major lag spike at the least. Delirium and the conqueror mobs spawning are the worst, then Jun at the moment the syndicate members spawn onto the map, then legion monolith and breach and then just large groups in general (around a shrine for example).

But time of day makes a world of difference, during the day working from home everything is pretty smooth. So the servers are definitely a factor that make it a lot worse.
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I crash at least 2 times an hour I haven't even made it to maps it crashes in all acts and especially annoying in lab since last crash in cruel lab I haven't been able to log back in it just says unexpected disconnect occurred
Since last patch a few days ago I have not had a single crash. Been amazing to play. Before patch I could crash like twice every hour. PS4 pro. Fingers crossed 🤞
3.11.1D Went live, within 1 hour of loading back in I crashed in Delve. Logged back in, recast my auras, sighed at my XP loss, and took the way point to my hideout. Took 3 steps, hit 0 buttons and the game crashed again within the Luxurious Hideout. Second time I can remember crashing in there. No idea what could be causing that one.

2 crashes within 5 minutes of each other (or however long it takes to reload the game asap) both with limited imputing of actions or visual clutter.

Played all day Sat/Sunday (probably 10+ hours a day) counted my deaths, 7. One of them was my mistake, the other 6 I logged back on to discover. I'm now sitting at 39% of the way to 97 bashing my head against the 2 steps forward one step back that is these bluescreens.

I do typically play via wireless, I'm going to take the advice of going hardwired and will report back if I can find a noticeable difference.

Side note: Not always a crash, but a promised lag spike would be capturing beasts for Einhar. Every beast large or small will cause a lag spike upon capture. Even if the beast has been off screened the lag spike persists. Possibly looking at what causes that might echo out to other on map spawn mechanics that are creating the desync?

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