[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

Why do you think it's ok that we log back in everytime with 10% less XP after a blue screen?

Right now, that's the game. That's your end game right now. Why hasn't one single thing been done about that?
Please temporarily disable exp penalty until you fix the bug, please. It is wasting time now. Impossible to level up with these frequent crashes.
mmm_dc wrote:
Please temporarily disable exp penalty until you fix the bug, please. It is wasting time now. Impossible to level up with these frequent crashes.

Ya this is ridiculous. Already twice now since patch...

I don't know why they think it's acceptable to lose XP this way, over and over and over again. I'm about done.
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MaSiuChuUS wrote:
One of my friends' PS4 is dead after these crush. Can't start the PS4 again, No light No sound. Is that some kind of overheat issue when you running POE on PS4? These crushing problem happened before Harvest league but it's worst now. Yesterday, I even bluescreen when using vendor at my own hideout.

Same nearly happened to our PS4. It went dead after a crash, luckily it came back up after some mins. I thought it could be cooling issues, too.
Losing 10% hurts but having to re-summon my golems every half hour to hour is annoying too!
Does anyone know why poe will occasionally apply an update for 1.5.2 making the game unable to boot up or be played whatsoever, then to top that off when that update is applied all I can do is delete poe from the system and re download it.
Crash frequency still about as high as pre-patch. Can idle in hideout for hours without issues, but play 2-3 zones and a crash is almost guaranteed.
Super poking in the dark blindly here, but I feel it's a race condition between "load an asset right now" and "display an asset", whereby the "display" part tries to render something that's not done loading yet and thus there's an uncaught exception / null pointer that throws everything off. Just a hunch because it usually still happens when flame dashing (ie moving quickly ahead, usually into a group of things I haven't seen yet this session), or on stuff like delirium spawns where lots of new things pop in at once.
But then again I have no idea about disk access and threading models on PS4.

The whole thing is extremely annoying especially during leveling, because there are stretches of 2-4 zones without waypoints sometimes..
Worst part with console is that these bugs occuring from no-where often take several weeks to fix, if being -Bert- optimistic.

I’m pretty sure most, if not all bugs comes from a bad port. This game engine clearly isn’t ment for consoles. This is merely a lazy man’s work.

Look at Diablo - never had a crash. In fact, PoE crash more than I have ever experienced before; in any game and on any platform. That alone says more about the poor work from GGG. PS4 can easily handle games like this.
I must say i'm pretty disappointed at this point.

I've played PoE on PC since Beta and switched to PS4 because of convenience and because i play a lot more casual nowadays. I always defended GGG because they're one of the last developers that are not entirely consumed by the extreme greed and exploitativeness that plagues the entire industry. The business model is pretty fair for a FTP game, the communication with the community is exeptionally good and you can just feel that they have a real passion for the game they are working on.

That being said the current state of the game is unplayable on PS4.
It's the first league that i quit playing and out of sheer frustation and withdrawal i'm playing D3 at the moment. D3 is really, really bad and shallow but atleast i can play it without crashing multiple times an hour.

I know that the console versions are not the number 1 priority for GGG and that's fine but i also follow the PC community and the frustation seems to be present there aswell although not as massive as in the console crowd.

With that in mind i have a couple of suggetions what GGG can do to tackle these issues and ensure a better player experience in the future.

1. Skip a league and fix the game
Although i really appreciate the insane amount of content GGG is pumping out every three months, i don't think the community would react all that negatively if GGG would just skip a league to work on the problems that are present for a very long time now. I don't suggest making a 6 month league or letting everybody play standard for that time but to tone done the dimension of a league in order to concentrate on the bigger issues. They could do a couple of short leagues with whacky rules for instance (like in the old days) with different races and flashback events.

2. Expand the release gap between PC and console
I get that GGG releases new leagues with a couple of days difference between PC and console to have time to fix issues with the PC version. This concept is pretty clever. But why does it have to be only 5 days? I for one don't like a mid week release anyway because i don't get to play till almost 24h later because of the different time zone and my work schedule. Why not postpone the launch a litte further and do it on a friday? That way they could have extra time to fix PC bugs and the console players would have a weekend release aswell.

3. Prioritize bug fixes over league content
That harkens back to point 1: I think the community in general is fine with less complex leagues. The last couple of leagues the overwhelming critique was more often than not the sheer complexity of league mechanics. While the complexity of PoE is it's strong point there are deminishing returns when it comes to that. Even standard has gotten so complex with all those different league mechanics (see critiques regarding the mass of currency items, orbs, splinters etc.) that expanding that every 3 month and topping yourself every league is just not necessary.

Moving forward i really hope GGG can turn the current trend around and i hope they don't abandon the console versions alltogether. I really don't want to play D3 anymore.
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Game is becoming garbage, especially with the failure to address the game crashing on the PS4. There isn't a time that I haven't gotten a crash in maps. It's at least 1/6 portals burned as a crash loss. Utterly ridiculous that this is not being addressed and a rip off for anyone who has spent money on the microtransactions, it's hindering progresses and leveling. GGG need to stop worrying about the content and stabilize the platform for the console and if incompetent, hire some former Sony engineers/programmers who can. These complaints have been coming in since at least spring of 2019! This could be tracked by programming an in game script to actually monitors behind the scenes, for crashes and then sends that data as log files to the game's servers.

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