[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

Hello just started playing Path of Exile just this morning KST and recently I have had 2 instant crashes one in the field and second was in the garden area for harvesting monsters.
From two days ago till today got 6 crashes..
First a freeze then the black screen and the famous blue screen.. happend every time when im in the maps or sometimes in the garden
And take the part about performance pls not just the crashes ok?
Cleared 2 maps, 2 dvelves and crashed at the end of 3rd...
deleting my portals to my map when I bluescreen now, thanks so much for that!
80-90 blue screens

absolutely nothing to reduce or remove the punishment for blue screening. You seriously think we deserve to lose XP, portals, labs, tane labs, etc etc for the game crashing when that's not our fualt? Especially when it happens this often now?

What a shame
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Just today .. 4 crashes lol in like 2 hours
I'm hanging it up for this league as well. I've reported all of my crashes that I've experienced but it seems like the base port of this game is not playing well with consoles, especially PlayStations. After numerous game freezing, blue screen sessions only for it to take several minutes to load back into the game and finally get to the last waypoint/my hideout only for it to happen again within 15 minutes, I'm done.

This was my first time playing a miner and I liked the playstyle and was looking forward to digging more into Saboteur's and other mine builds but after this absolutely abysmal league, solid pass. I'm not sure if the console community as a whole has a rep like Bex (it would really be nice if consoles did) but this game really needs to be addressed in it's current state. GGG, please look into this before we are all exiled from this game due to it being an absolute buggy mess.
Hello. I used to play the game on PC for quite a while, now I moved to PS4 this last week. I'm on my first character 3.11b on harvest league. I made it to act 4 and haven't been able to progress since. The client doesn't respond properly, I experience very frequent lag spikes to where the screen stops moving and usually it catches up after 10 or 15 seconds. Then I will play for a minute only to have this process repeat until it disconnects and says I was dropped due to an unexpected error. I tried to hurry to progress through the act but it hasn't stopped after an hour of trying to run through the mines. This is day 2 of this process. Please help I love POE and am so happy it's on console. I want to be a long term player but this is making it very difficult. I won't spend any more money out of fear I won't be able to progress :(. Thank you for anything you can do.
Start game with new character first city talk to first npc crash. Gameplay 10 hours + - 6 ~crashes. Lab crashes very often - no worth full making never know what happen so ps4 players need speed run. Overall - this engine have something broken because its crash randomly + i must say all movement skills need to be fixed with no backwards teleport , desync , because most skills based on movement like flicker its unplayable. They just dont work. I dont have strenght more to die because blues screens errors and login with death , i losing my time, no progress. This os ridiculus. I played every league from PS4 lauge start i beg u to sit on this lags if u dont repair this always next path push u to more undetail to repair that. Recreate the client with engine, make something. I know people working , but maybe bite it from other side.
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These crashes are getting out of hand and I lost a Divine Orb because of it... Please fix Path of Exile on PS4.

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