[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

Tired of dying on bsod.. this is tragedy.
Dc-sewer wrote:
Tired of dying on bsod.. this is tragedy.

Yeah Just crashes twice on uber lab. Lost 2 offerings plus the time wasted.
This is just becoming too ridiculous.

How can they still charge for MTX when the game is clearly broken. No respect for the playerbase.
Crash while select harvest, crash while in map, crash while in lab, crash at least every second delirium, crash while in hideout, crash while entering garden, crash while playing in a group, crash with some mtxchanging, crash while try to join a friends session out of the ps menue, crash while entering tje temple, crash while in the temple, crash while making alva challanges, crash while putting watchstones in atlas, crash while putting sextants on watchstones, chrash while in delve chrash while in corrupted delve areas, chrash while entering delve areas, crash while get a trade offer, the list is endless and all players on console will be gone soon
The do not even updated the patch deployment thread... here is not even a single dev who would ever listen to this f.....g issues....they actually dont care or even try to do something. Do not buy the mtx like i did you get a shit back and maybe will get some troubles even with puchasing them. Like last league with the main supporter packs... 2 weeks nothing recived and then get all the money back because they did not check the sonys psn store contracts. Man so mich trouble with one game.... sad and when i talk about the fps issues maaaan you can write a 25 page study work to list all this issues pls ggg last change given from a fan in general of this game. Fix it and you will have me spending the shit out of your store
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Yet another blue screen death


Because that's what you do

they lost all integrity apparently. Just silent on it, do you say to yourselves "they're just worthless console peasants, fuck them" ?
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3 LAG spikes today ending with bsod and I went from 93% to 70% in 30 minutes... almost hit lvl95. And is not my net. I play this game since launch and god is mess right now.

I also have videos but no reason to post it, nobody returns me the time invested and the nerves this state of the game causes.

i hope they are proud, cause it seems they are hiding and celebrating and totally ignoring the console playerbase.

in 2020 we have to turn off game sound for better performance...how this is even tolerated.
oh and 2 BSOD during the same Sirus fight, what are the odds, right ? .... and they are still quiet.... amazing
Yeah I've been reporting bugs left and right whether it's a crash or a hard freeze to death. I have YET to see a single response in this forum from anyone of significance. Do you guys even look here to try to fix the problem? I'll accept a simple yes at this point, but it feels like we're all just wasting our time reporting things that NEVER get fixed.
Ok, I'm giving up on trying to level up passed 94 thanks to random lag spikes and blue screen deaths repeatedly leaving me to lose the 20-30% I gained in 4hrs over a random stutter. It'd be one thing if I was using a lot of visually active skills but it's a simple cyclone build, I don't even use totems. I've never been as disappointed in a company as much as this since Bethesda. Everything was running smooth, then a random stutter froze the game, unfroze, and I was dead. This happened 3 times in LESS than an hour after hours of grinding for what? Literally nothing. Yeah I got currency but that currency can't BUY my exp back... This will be the last bug I ever report. I regret spending any kind of money on this UNPLAYABLE game.

I have now crashed at least once on vs. every single major boss I have encountered since the last patch.

Kitava. Al Hezemin. Veritania. Baran. Drox. Omnitect. Izaro. Sirus. Caterina

And tonight, Heart of the Grove.

Every. Single. Boss. At least 1 crash.

How is this acceptable, GGG?

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