[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

Jeff_GGG wrote:
In regards to the this on going issue, I haven't new information to share as of right now, but wanted to take a moment to re-iterate that this issue continues to be worked on internally.

Well this is going to be well received. Sadly I'm not surprised at all that we get nothing other than a copy paste answer.
Just to add above symptomps leading to crash, i found delirium in maps potentially make the game to stuck and not responding, even with just small amount of delirium creatures appearing.

On last Delirium league, the mirrors didn't cause such thing. I don't know what so special with this league that able to cause such trouble. Now i tend to avoid delirium mirror on early entry of a map.
If you can't fix it, what about addressing XP loss / gift loss (trials) that result from the crashes?
Sorry for my bad English, but my feeling is that the game crashed more often due to the opening of (Chests). You can also try to move between shelters, and reset the default shelters. But in any case, you have to walk on heavy cards. I play as a necromancer, 8 zombies, 3 ghosts, 1 animatron, 1 corpse golem, 2 mechbots, 1-20 raging spirits, + bone armor. It's painful to play with sound effects, that's why I turned them off, flights were reduced to 2 times a day. Gateway Europe. I also noticed that the sound of objects dropping out, such as silver coins, etc., is tied to sound effects. Often, the item filter turns off
I had crashes in the Merc lab, coming close to a Shrine (what is the purpose of so many effects in the shrine?), In the garden of Oshabi, or simply trying to kill the mobs of a StrongBox.
I did not have this experience in 3.11c, but in 3.11d it is impossible.
And it's not nice to keep getting messages about the sale, when you guys have no idea what's wrong with your game.
They're never going to do anything to reimburse lost time/items due to the constant crashing. At this point "you will crash out of the labyrinth eighty percent of the time and once every hour of normal gameplay" is just part of the PoE meta.
I am starting to wonder if the console community on a whole started pressuring Tencent LTD rather than its subsidiary, would start to move things along... I understand that finding issues can take time but really although there were wonky mechanics before the update. Obviously the main issue is with something that changed with this update. Why not roll back the features that can be rolled back and see if it stops the issue? Its not an issue with the farming events because the crashes happen in standard leagues as well. so the issue is a global feature. Just undo it. Obviously test it first. Or even better, let us test it. There are major changes coming in the next release as well according to GGG Natalie. The beta server should already be up and accessible for testing by the console community. Do we need to create a petition to get you all to listen?
Petition created and posted in general discussion. Will also link here.

I literally can't play. The game lags so much that the rubber banding is killing me over and over. Any other game on PS4 has no issues w/ lag like this. I've tested it on multiple different games but POE is the only one having such issues. I've tried changing servers but it just got worse and worse. I just rebooted and ran 2 maps only to have it cleared, walking around doing nothing but looting, and randomly freeze and crash..
I just started playing this league and I am shocked by how often I crash.

I experience way more than one crash every ten hours. I wouldn’t mind one every ten hours.

For me, higher level maps and labyrinths have been the worst. Last night, I lost three gifts to the goddess to crashing in the labyrinth. Once on the stairs leading up to the final fight. Once in the area before while I could see the door to the third Aspirant’s trial and once early on.

Crashing on maps is super frustrating, but at least I can return....sadly sometimes I have died.

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