[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

Blue screens #25 and 26

both in the last part of the 3rd lab, the room right before the final boss.

Attack something after you're a little bit in there and BLUE SCREEN

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We're deploying a patch at 4:00am UTC which includes changes to mitigate against the common crashes users have been experiencing.
I was playing perfect after the hotfix, when before it I was getting a dc every half hr or less, until now.
After the hotfix: I opened a Tier 6 Wasteland with the Sextant "Area contains 4 additional packs of vaal monsters.
Area has 50% chance to contain Gifts of the Sacrificed per Sacrifice Fragment Used."
I opened the map using two fragments with it, the entire time in the map I had insane lag and I disconnected 5 times, yes 5 times in 1 map. But outside on the map there was no lag at all.
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still bluescreening after patch.

#28 was when I used flame dash in waterways map
You said, you fixed some Crashes?

I don't think so.

It's getting worse since the last Patch.

Before the patch i had 1 or 2 crashes until act 3.

Now i got 3 Crashes within 30 Minutes of Playtime.

And this Bluescreens appear randomly. Sometimes just walking, skmetimes when attacking, and sometimes when using flamedash.

Thanks for this. I will think twice before i ever buy some Packs or Coins until you fix the Console versions.

Please show the console version much more love, or i think you will loose a huge amount of players and with that money, because they are leaving frustrated because you don't get this fixed.
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Had many, many crashes, reported all of them.
It seems impossibile to narrow down the causes, they are just random.
Movement skills such dash, flame dash etc., are for sure one factor, but they've always been a problem on console.
So o really don't know why, but the game is crashing about once every 30 mins for me so far.
No more crashes in the Grove so far since the hotfix...*touch wood*

In grove, tried to highlight a seed and blue screen.

Was wondering why the freaking dispersers aren't watering it despite having lifefore and being in its range....

this league is horrible, blue screens constantly still and way too much micromanaging these little plants.
Several of us the game is crashing the system to completely crash and reset. It's not just shutting the game down its resetting the system.

moved in the grove

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