[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

Maybe this is helpful:
I cant explain an exactly point when it crashes, thats absolutely random.
But I can tell how it crashes.

The screen freezes for some seconds to a minute.
Then you have two options:

You get the experience of being smahed FWD into a mob and sure will die.

After the freezing the screen turns black for about 30 seconds, then the blue screen appears and something new what came up with harvest - the systems resets!

By the way...
I use the PS4 Slim, because those fans of regular PS4 and Pro drive me crazy. This nice little thing is sooo quiet. Sometimes I can hear the fan a bit, thats all.
Since Harvest my (clean) PS4 Slim has the hardest job ever and sounds like cooling a Vulcanic Eruption. So much work for what?

Hello, Chash at the end of the my gameplay. Time: 1:42:30
Still crashing when there is a ton of stuff going on the screen, I searched the error code on google and one popular result was the crash code happened with Doom crashing to BSOD. They figured out it had to do with how the Vulkan Renderer API interfaces with the Sony API since Sony's API is proprietary and low interfacing. Technically the sony console can run the Vulkan but per Sony (sorry don't have the exact quote or source) They said it only interface for the most part. but not 100% of the time. so the issue could be how the API is interfacing with consoles proprietary one.
turiangel2014 wrote:
Several of us the game is crashing the system to completely crash and reset. It's not just shutting the game down its resetting the system.

my 1st crash in the grove was a hard system freeze that shutdown both screen connection and turned off the controller, the only way to reboot was to do a manual power-off.
I got crash 34878-0 with blue screen aswel first time while leveling on begining of act 4 :(
Just crash my PS4 on hideout. My controller shut down itself and monitor went black and I could not get controller connection again so had to plug out power from PS4 and plug in again after 30 second. PS4 reboot itself when it turn on. Now everything running fine

This league is scary!
I'm still having crashes, maybe less than before but still more than past leagues, it just crashes from nowhere for apparently no reason, like walking in hideout or interacting with some npc, we cant tell what is going on due this being so random.
the harvest league make my new ps4 pro very hot. And I have a lot of crash when i'm play, after 30 minute of play the crash begins. sorry for my english. maybe too many graphics effect?
Still crashes every 20 minutes. Is GGG done with this?
The blue screens seem more often in the grove, especially when using flame dash in there. But exiting it or just moving also does it. Delirium launch had such a good launch and we all embraced you taking 5 days instead of 3 to get it right. Welp.

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