Mute sound for skill assigned to L) Mouse as a toggle

The change to allow instant cast skills on left mouse is absolutely amazing, it was a great change.

However, there is a problem which is very jarring to me, especially with the changes to shouts.

The new warcry sounds are very loud and apparent, especially when not in the midst of combat. Having it spammed every time you do anything, even in a non-combat zone or while walking around crafting or something, is extremely jarring. They echo for quite a long time afterward as well, with a trailing sound for about 1-2 seconds on a recast of about 4 seconds.

Can there somehow be added an option to mute or greatly reduce the volume of the skills assigned to left mouse so that they don't constantly play while doing literally anything in the game?

Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 9:17:14 PM

Warcry bound to left mouse button results in an extremely repetitive sound cycle. I end up having to play with sound effects on mute or nearly mute.

This detracts from my enjoyment of playing the character.


It's definitely a problem. I'm tempted to play sub-optimally just to avoid hearing it over and over.

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