[PS4] 3.11.0f Patch Notes

Been having more crashes, usually I can notice an interaction causing them, enchanting a corrupted item on lab altar, identifying an item by opening stash in harvest... These one's I'm just walking around or attacking, I was walking to the harvest waypoint and it crashed. I started a shadow and just got to act 2. More crashes than my first character.

It gets a bit annoying after sometime. The game load times and restarting my console every time I crash. Most of the times I stop playing is just because I can't be bothered to reload the game. Eventually this will make you lose players. Even if the console player base is smaller.

I don't like complaining because I appreciate the game being on console, but this is... Questionable to say the least.

Edit: Since making this post I've crashed 3 more times. At least 1 crash per 30 min now. Again, no interaction with anything, just entering an instance and walking.
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Um so you fixed the other crashes that I've never encountered but not the main one, blue screen errors.
You probably have some memory leak issues. Standing still doing nothing makes the game crash eventually, which never happens last league (I often left the game running while doing other stuff). So the memory leak probably related to the farm
I have less crashes than before, maybe I am the lucky one here. Thanks for your hard work. I hope for more fixes soon.
I am having more blue screens post 3.11.0f (mostly on Act maps, two times on the garden while harvesting), while I almost had none on previous patch. I am playing on fat PS4. Currently running on Act 3 maps and have no fancy cosmetic effects. I'd submitted bug report via PS4, but the report button is no longer available on crash screen after 3.11.0f, so I can't provide crash videos as on previous leagues. I hope the problems will be fixed soon.

Thank you in advance.
I don't like complaining since the game is free and is an excellent one on PC, but since I can no longer play PC and PS4 is my only option, I am disappointed to say the least. Obviously this game was not designed for the console, and like I said it is free, yet, I really feel like more work could be done. I have to weigh the options of playing a game I really enjoy vs. the risk of permanently destroying my PS4 in order to play it. I thought the update would improve things, but it seems to have made it worse. I will likely be deleting the game sooner rather than later as to not corrupt my PS4.
Ive played this game on PS4 since Legion League... and not once have you people reduced the amount of crashes and blue screens. People can say all they want about it being better, it absolutely is not. I agree with the other posts here, you are more than likely DESTROYING MY PS4 with this stupidness, and I will not buy another supporter pack or any coins until you guys get your crap together, I've seen worse games with much shorter lifespans that run circles around your console team, it's sad.

TLDR: Great game, terrible execution.
Being an active player and every season seems things are really bad for the first few weeks. This will be fixed I’m sure but it takes time guys. GGG and the dev team are doing what they can but not everything is going to be instantly fixed. Just report the issues every single time and eventually they can pinpoint what’s causing the issues.

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