Redmimu's 3.11 Harvest SC |HAVE ALL CRAFTS| No Fee Bench Crafting Thread (500+ Vouches on TFT)

This man crafted me -3 to channeling skills on both my rings and my neck!
^-^Big Vouch!
vouch , really nice guy help alot Thanks

fast respond, fast craft. trustfull. 10/10 would hand over my gear again.
awsome ! just got " triggered a socketed spell " :)
great service
OmegaLUL, OmegaLUL, OmegaLUL, OmegaLUL, OmegaLUL.
got my "- to mana cost", thank you very much!
fast reliable crafter :D
Did two -9 to non-channeling skill ring crafts for me. Quick and easy. :)
Vouch +1 non-channelling skills -# mana cost :D

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