Redmimu's 3.11 Harvest SC |HAVE ALL CRAFTS| No Fee Bench Crafting Thread (500+ Vouches on TFT)

Crafted suffixes cannot be changed on my wand, thanks dude!
crafted some stuffs with him, very nice ! tyvm
Crafted attribute 6% on my body armour! :D ty ty

fixed my bow, thanks
PriestIRL 86 Templar
BreakingAllYourFaces 87 Duelist
Chylly 79 Witch
Allynia 76 Templar
Moonlightning 69 Shadow
+2 socketed support gems and minion as/cast speed on my bow, can recommend!
Vouch. Doing gods work...

Got "Trigger a Socketed Spells when you use a Skill" on my Wand.

Thank you!

very friendly service, quick and no BS
nice and fast, ty
Just crafted a wand for me. Nice and fast service.

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