Redmimu's 3.11 Harvest SC |HAVE ALL CRAFTS| No Fee Bench Crafting Thread (500+ Vouches on TFT)

T3 Lightning+Chaos res x2; quick and trustworthy! Thanks.
Nice, no fee asked, nice man! Thanks!
No Problem,
got 2x non-channeling mana crafts. smooth and easy, definitely vouch. Thanks man!
+1 crafted multimod, +2 to support gems & DD
Super fast and nice! Trusted with ~7ex worth of items with no issue
nice guy, quick service, up you go

made the caster bow of my dreams for free! cool guy good sense of humor i recommend!
No fee asked, gave some tip for Cannot Be Frozen on boots. Much recommend!
Vouch x2, helped me craft a 10 ex bow!
Did 4+ ex worth of crafts for me flawlessly, and hit me a perfect dmg roll

A+ would use again

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