Harvest has the highest 1 week player dropout rate in poe history

Exile009 wrote:
Johny_Snow wrote:
What would you have them do? Cancel the league and just tell people to play Standard? Or break the cycle and extend the hot mess that was Delirium for another 3 months? What exactly are you trying to imply with this?

It's simple, isn't it? Previous experience showed them that such a league was bound to fail and they went with the idea anyway. They also did not do anything to streamline the process despite, once again, knowing that clunky mechanics are universally hated by the community.

I feel like we are in some weird experiment where they want to see just how far they can go with a blatantly flawed league.

You didn't answer the question. Likely cos you don't have an answer.

They knew from the beginning this league will not be well received. They have the experience and the resources to properly gauge the response, they are a business after all. Yet they went ahead. I don't know why, I maintain that they are doing some sort of experiment.

As far as your other question, I don't particularly care. Of course putting a new league in, any league, would result in a spike in player numbers and MTX sales. But that was never my point. The question I am more curious about is why they decided to do what they did.
Its a burner league, they've lumped all of the balance changes they needed to get done loot wise into one league while simultaneously exploring how many players actually like their crafting system.

The loot reduction alone would ensure that any league they executed that in would be viewed poorly, this way they get to stack their problems into one easy pile

not enough development time from 19 etc, require catchup on the next "real" league

need to reduce loot, but people get butthurt when they do

Lump in the less popular balance changes, VMS, Archmage etc and distract the players who are the most tolerant of trashbag skills (2h players) because they would be in tears of joy if given a balloon on a stick. Please note I am one of these <3

As long as it doesn't heavily impact their player numbers for next league this one in a master stroke, if it does it pretty much says they can't afford to tank a league with a poorly executed idea anymore and they should rethink future strategies.
this game DONT need crafting mecha anymore they must learn it , CRAFTING make end game faster so u boring faster

ARPG game u have to hunt to loot % RNG to gear up

but crafting make it easier so u end game in first week like diablo 3 " garbage "

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You dont have to play this league,
just go do something else,
but stop pretending to quit the league,
if you keep writing your threads of hatred in the forum.
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Those aren't week 1 numbers, those are following weekend numbers (8/9 days in). I posted this on Steam but I'll repost it here, these are the day 10 numbers:

Harvest: 127k to 72k - 43%
Delirium: 133k to 84k - 37%
Metamorph: 118k to 83k - 30%
Blight: 75k to 44k - 42%
Legion: 114k to 82k - 29%
Synthesis: 113k to 63k - 44%
Betrayal: 123k to 89k - 28%

Harvest is very close to Delirium, and has a lower drop than Synthesis. These numbers don't mean that much, Steam updating has only gotten worse over the past few leagues and it's unknown how many people are switching to the GGG launcher.

There are also external factors we don't know the effect of but I would assume are playing a big part because the difference between day 9 (Sunday) and day 10 (Monday) are usually pretty huge for most leagues and see a giant drop, but for Harvest it was much smaller. Many people weren't playing last weekend that normally would, but the Monday numbers are "back to normal" as it were.
Astasia, Get out with your analysis you've put too much effort into reading stats properly please edit your post to whatever is the best hyperbole statement and slam it in bold only.

It does show which leagues were the good ones (Legion and Metamorph). Not sure about Betrayal. I had massive lag spikes and freezes so it wasn't my favorite.
Exile009 wrote:
Johny_Snow wrote:
The weirdest part is I think they knew this would happen yet pushed the league out anyway.

What would you have them do? Cancel the league and just tell people to play Standard? Or break the cycle and extend the hot mess that was Delirium for another 3 months? What exactly are you trying to imply with this?

you cant tell people to play standard: this league is already standard 1.5 with empty maps, just with an addition of fucking tedious garden and "crafting bench".

i want them to implement flashback/turmoil/mayhem events asap, so i can start to have fun killing hordes of mobs in maps, ya know. because its fun. and because this is an ACTION role-playing game.
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Imagine without coronavirus and lockdown the drop would be much higher.
Steam charts...
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds. If your build can't survive that or a lag spike it's because you suck, period. Post your PoB so the PoE experts can analyse and help improve your build."

LOL I knew this league would be a flop
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