Endgame Boss Kill Service! Crafting service!Timeless carries!

Split(splitting the drop 50/50)
Fee(fixed price on what the kill is)

Conquerors: white/yellow tier(5c) red tier(10c)

Awakener(split or 50c fee) can make it lvl 8 with my stones, fast kills

Cortex(split or 50c fee)
Also doing uber elder,elder,shaper,mastermind,delve bosses, just pm me ingame.

3x Inspired Headhunter Timeless service 3-4-5way guaranteed jewel - 1ex fee

Every kill is done on stream so loot is guaranteed to be yours.
Simulacrum carries = FREE!
Doing heart of the grove CONTIONALLY - 1ex fee your boss

Also doing crafting service got all crafts!
IGN:sbbssfyep , sbbnonEthicalTimeless
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Very nice. You can watch him do bosses. 5/5
did chaos dmg over time for me. thanks.
IGN: Strappado
vouch,crafted gain %life as extra es.
2 min endurance craft done under 1 min, recommended
+ rep, you can trust this guy

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Awesome service. Killed A8 on stream.
Got nice 5way service :)

Fast multimod. Recommended.

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