"Crowdfunded" With Prizes Slam If You Want To Jam HCSSF 2H Melee A8 Kill League

Sign up here and please share:

2/110 players

----> Harvest League
----> Slam League

Only mod is no magic or rare items so harvest crafting is suggested (God knows there's more than enough normal reforge crafts).

The goal of this league is to kill A8 Sirus with 2H weapon using SLAM skill and have fun while dealing zDPS. Leveling and all other play should also be with 2H slam skills.

1st $30 USD founder pack and the feeling of accomplishment?
2nd $20 points
3rd $10 points

A video will be required showing the league, awakener level and skills socketed as well as the entire fight (all without any cuts or edits) to receive the rewards. If anyone suggests any skills that should not be allowed like spell totems or anything I will update with a list of those skills but for now, for your main skill, if it has SLAM as the skill type then it's good to go.

I know I over did the players for the league but I'm assuming that "crowdfunding" doesn't have to be 100% met and you will get what IS funded. If not then I will change it depending on the amount of people interested. BUT if more people want to join I will add more spots if you're willing to help fund :)

Edit: Please share this on reddit if you feel like this could be a fun league as I don't use reddit.

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Looks like there's not much interest. I thought there would be with how big the zDPS melee league was :/
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