[3.12] Memoria's HoT Autobomber Assassin [FAST, 10m+ Sirus DPS, Deathless Sirus A8, All content]

How do I approach this?

Im 88lvl now, have everything from the budget shopping list. i have all clusters... and still dying on bosses like litte girl
i think my hot is not trigering right...
plz help

3,5hp/2,5k es
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Hihi I'm planning to try this build have like 50ex budget to play with.

I thinking to craft the staff. I was wondering a +5 fractured staff or +3lightning with power charge +1 and dmg to power charge. Which is better?

Hoping someone can guide me in the crafting method also.

I right now thinking of awaken the later one and see how it bring me.
when do you start autobombing? ive got all the stuff except for the staff. no pun intended.

currently 60. with obliteration. cant quite survive the rings atm.
Hi everyone, I feel obligated to make a post regarding the build's scaling and survivibility, since I struggled A LOT with getting randomly one-shotted and lacked endgame damage:

1) Required "budget" items to do ALL the content (A8 Sirus, Uber Elder) dps-wise

- 6L Agnerod South [3 ex]
- 6L Inpulsa [3.5 ex]
- Calamitous visions [16 ex] - yes, this is necessary for endgame bosses, doubles your herald damage
- Large Cluster jewel - Doryani's lesson + Storm drinker (+ overshock would be a huge bonus, but would cost 2 ex more) [2-4 ex] - https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/0YYkr08Ig
- 2x Medium cluster jewel with Self-fulfilling Prophecy and Empowered envoy [2x 0.8 ex] - https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/5EEzRBJsa
- I would HIGHLY recommend getting corrupted storm's gift with Conductivity or Elemental weakness curse on hit [2 ex] - huge QoL buff as you do not have to cast orb of storms and actually helps with clear damage
- Choir of Storms and 2x well rolled Storm Secret (prioritize herald of thunder frequency - try to get 50% rolled ones) are quite cheap
- Glorious Vanity [2ex] (in the name of Doryani)
- well rolled Bottled faith [9 ex] is a HUGE boost, not 100% necessary though, use wise oak otherwise

2) Survivability - defensive layers

When I was mapping I was getting one-shotted soooo often with the basic recommended gear and setup and it was beyond frustrating. When I adapted the defensive layers below I found myself just not dying anymore.

- First and foremost, buy well-rolled (19-21% increased ES/Life) Crown of the Inward Eye with HoT has 30% reduced mana reservation lab enchant - it's dirt-cheap actually, it's around 2-3 ex. This allows you to run
Arctic Armor buff and the item itself gives you HUGE Life and ES boost.

- Run Arctic Armor
- Run Immortal Call + CWDT + Increased duration at maximum levels instead of Orb of storm + curse on hit (see my point in 1) about corruped Storm's Gift)
- Get Thread of Hope with very large radius and get Glancing Blows - it spreads the burst damage you would take quite well. Note that you also need the "+% Chance to block spell/attack with staff passives:

- While mapping, use Rumi's Concotion flask instead of Bottled faith or Wise Oak - even further increases your block chances and the added armor is awesome

3) Later scaling steps

1] Get better weapon - either craft one or buy one, this one cost me 38 ex:

2] Get rare explo chest - again, either craft one or buy one, this one cost me 12 ex:

NOTE: DO NOT get the rare explo chest before you get better weapon or your clear will feel really clunky and you will feel lacking "something"

Also, when you change inpulsa, also change your gloves for well rolled Algor Mortis, ideally with +1 increased maximum frenzy charges or Curse enemies hit with Elemental Weakness (couldn't find that ones):

These gloves make enemies take actually up to 35% MORE damage

But remember, as long as you have Inpulsa, you need Storm's gift gloves. Once you change Inpulsa for explo chest, you are free to get any gloves you want.

3] Get +1 max power charges and nearby enemies has 9% decreased lightning res Headpiece with HoT has 30% reduced mana res - but this one is soooo expensive that I just skip it.


With unique helmet and unique chest, you may have a trouble balancing the resists. Solve it by helping Alira, getting well-rolled stygian and well-rolled boots and +7% life and resist jewels.

Hope this helps you.
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Hi, Just wondering for leech wise maximum ES leech is at 10% while Life is at 20% in that case, there isnt a real need for us to get storm drinker, heart of thunder and use energy shield leech support right..? am i missing smth/
thx for help @tyrkysova
but without HoT 30% reduced mana reservation lab enchant i cant use arctic armour :(
and crown with it is impossible to buy, sam as:
tyrkysova wrote:
corrupted storm's gift with Conductivity or Elemental weakness

i will try, but this is so anoying :(
i do all maps just fine (few deaths from random one shots ;))
but conquerors are pain it the a$$ and sirus is unkillable :(
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Both are quite cheap actually:

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Hey guys can someone say roughly how much dps is added when you get +2 - 3 lightning skill gems on the staff. I want to see if the upgrade is worth it. It's like 15 ex on market just to get this mod.
leethal wrote:
Hey guys can someone say roughly how much dps is added when you get +2 - 3 lightning skill gems on the staff. I want to see if the upgrade is worth it. It's like 15 ex on market just to get this mod.

I'm checking this because I am in the same spot as you. TL;DR: It's super worth it. I have a 20/20 HoT gem at the moment and getting +3 To Level of all Lightning Spell Skill Gems adds almost a million Sirus DPS according to Path of Building. My current DPS with all calculations and Work in Progress build is around 2.8m.

Let me show you what I have. This is the staff I've been using for the past few days:

With Remove/Add Lightning Crafts, the only affix I can target is the added Spell Damage, which was an unlucky roll after a couple of attempts. Keep in mind that Spell Damage does not benefit your Herald of Thunder DPS!

If we replace that line with the best possible Lightning Gem Roll:

This is HUGE. Also keep in mind that my gear is far from being maxed out. At the moment I only have a max. of 8 (instead of 10) Power Charges, no Badge of the Brotherhood, and my awakened Gems, as well as my HoT supports are still not maxed out.

If my HoT was 21/23 with non-maxed support gems:

This would be the resulting DPS from +3 Skill Gems

Once again, note: This is configured to show A8 Sirus DPS. Hope it helps. I certainly just learned a few more things.

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