Boss Killing Services

Been doing 500+ legion carries back in legion league, now gonna offer some boss carries.

50+ sirus/anybosses done in Harvest (over 300+ total)

Can do Sirus A4-8 | Shaper/Elder | UberElder | Cortex | Distant memory |

Delve bosses | Catarina

before opening the portals you need to change your server to any europe server and reset your hideout

All the loot is yours ı just take the fee before or after the fight.
If you want to split the loot you need to say before the encoutner.

I stream the encounter in twitch ( Can be done in Discord also)

PM ig @iHuntWabbits
Last bumped on Jul 1, 2020, 6:37:40 PM

quick and deathless Kill ;) recommended

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