3.11 Fireball Hit (not ignite)

Is there a way to make fireball hit (not ignite) work for single target?

I have league started a max block ascendant with instant enduring cry ascendant using fireball spellslinger. What i can't work out is how to improve its damage further and to enable single target. I had to get a carry for a a0 crusader just now because I would barely move it's hp bar at map lvl 81.

If i can somehow enable single target then this would be the most fun build i've played in a long time but I just don't see how as I already have pretty decent gear, lvl 21 gems, two spellslinger spells and a 6 link fireball.

Character name is: LilyCaca

PoB: https://pastebin.com/Wdhm43Ut
Last bumped on Jul 26, 2020, 12:04:33 PM
I'm interested in this as well..
Fire trap? you can move for self-cast fireball using pseudo 6link gloves and a 6link fire trap on the chest, firetrap has a big 200% effect of added dmg and it's a really good skill for single target while you can still use fireball for clear, i'm going to try this as well, if it works i'll be back here with an update
Probably going to have to gem swap. Get a +1 fire gem amulet. Go for some +1 gem chest to up it more. Maybe Empower + slower projectiles instead of fork / gmp. I think you can get some + level of gems on wands too.

I tried a staff build early on in the season, thouhg it was crit based, and it did ok w.o a 6L (2k fusings no go). I did consider going 2 6l to avoid gem swap but ended up going kaoms heart. I didnt try gmp / slower proj swap as i stopped before that.

I never did finish what i was doing as I got annoyed at my lack of 6l (still carried me over to t14s and what not but it got really sad on boosses) but you can see how it was here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2885720

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