[3.11 Harvest] "Auto-Cannon" Chief's General / All content EZ / Tanky with DPS / Videos & GIF

hey, whats you opinion on using oni-goroshi in this build? ty.
thegush wrote:
hey, whats you opinion on using oni-goroshi in this build? ty.

It's ok for starters I assume, but eventually you'll want a high damage rare warstaff
thanks for the fun build.
I have about 98% hit chance.
But I feel like sometime consecrate path deal little or no damaged to the boss.
is this happen to you guys too?
wallypoe wrote:
thanks for the fun build.
I have about 98% hit chance.
But I feel like sometime consecrate path deal little or no damaged to the boss.
is this happen to you guys too?

Nope, maybe its your gear crit chance too low? crit multi too.you can get some really sick gear with harvest crafting. Advice i can give is try and find a triple crit multi jewel (without life) with life would be super expensive. Make sure it has an open prefix then just augment life. The weight for life is pretty good and if you dont hit just reroll life till you get it
Cool build! I pasted your POB, the dps 2.2m is per warrior?

diabloyd wrote:
Welcome to my Chieftain build guide, this is a build using Consecrated Path supported by General's Cry.

Here are some GIF (animated images) if you're wondering what does it look like:
This is the basic of how it works, they shoot out instantly and totally ignoring any attack speed modifiers.

This is how I delve:

And this is how I clear T16 maps (yeah you can clear some weaker mobs with a 2 linked cyclone as well xD):

Got a video too (only Phoenix tho, forgot to record my first time Sirus this league, unfortunately):https://youtu.be/U3PqwEKGQoo

Ok, enough with the introduction I guess, let's go straight to the build.

Build Concept/Mechanics
1, Why General's Cry + Consecrated Path?
There's currently a big problem with the new gem General's Cry, that is, unless the supported skill can dash towards the enemy instantly, they will have to walk right in front of the enemy before they hit.

Thing is, it doesn't matter if you're using a huge AoE skill like Tectonic Slam or Ice Crash, they ALWAYS walk to the enemy and hit them from point blank. And if your Warcry cooldown is low enough (mine is 1.85 sec), you won't even have time for the mirage warrios to complete their attacks.

You may argue that one doesn't need to build that much cooldown recovery, but this is like not building attack speed on a Reave build, or not building Cast Speed on a Incinerate Build, it just doesn't make sense.

Thus, leaving us the only options: melee attack skills with movement built-in: Flicker Strike, Charged Dash, Leap Slam, Whirling blades and Consecrated Path.

Here I chose Consecrated Path, because it's fast, it has big AoE, and it provides Consecrated Ground which is a decent bonus for this build.
UPDATE: just noticed this from the 3.11.1 patch preview:
Fixed a bug where General's Cry removed all existing Mirage Warriors, even if they had not yet completed their attacks. This included persistent duration-based ground effects, such as Spikes from Earthshatter.

This means when you don't have the maximum number of warriors, using the warcry again won't make the old ones disappear. But if you already have the maximum number of warriors, warcry again would probably replace them all.
So basically for this build, nothing changed.

2, Why Chieftain?
It has the most balanced ascendancy passives in regard of tankiness and damage for this build. Simply the best for Consecrated Path.

3, Why use staff?
First reason is, Disintegrator is cheap but has some serious damage (we only care about the damage and critical strike chance of a weapon, attack speed is totally ignored).
Secondly, the passives for staves are very good for a crit build like this.

4, Damage mechanics?
- We use Chieftain to convert all phys damage to fire, and then we build some fire res reduction/penetration (in my case, I can apply -54% fire res on any enemy constantly).

- We use an enchanted helm with "General's Cry mirage warrios +1" to get effectively 20% more damage.

- We build Warcry cooldown to lower the General's Cry's cooldown to 1.85 sec.

- Let's say you have 100 dps with a normal 6L Consecrated Path,and you have 1 attack speed, that means your average hit is 100.
Assuming you take out a support gem that gives 50% more damage, and replace it with General's Cry. You have 6 mirage warriors, and the damage multiplier is 70%.

The dps calculation for General's Cry is basically:
[(100/1.5)*6*0.7*]/1.85 = 151

Thus, the perks of using General's Cry is:
- 51% more damage
- Constantly hitting the enemy automatically.
- You don't need to risk yourself.

And don't forget, this simple calculation did not have the "exerted attack" bonus, because all attacks from the warriors are considered "exerted attacks".

But what if you have the attack speed of 4?

Using the same example, you'll have an average hit of 25
And the dps of General's cry would be
[(25/1.5)*6*0.7*]/1.85 = 36

And that's a huge DPS loss.

In conclusion, the higher the average hit damage is, the higher the actual DPS is, attack speed is a complete waste for this build.

Note: that being said, slow slams with the new supports and buffs are actually much better in terms of "standing-still DPS". The main advantage of General's Cry is its "automatic" aspect.

5, Defensive mechanics?
Endurance Charges.
- You have at least 6 endurance charges.
- (Ascendancy) You get an Endurance Charge every second after you use a warcry.
- (Cluster jewel with Mob Mentality) You gain an Endurance, Power or Frenzy Charge every time you warcry.
- (Passive Tree)You have 10% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on critical strike (you can only gain it through your cyclone, the warrios won't give you charges.)

Use high level Immortal Call, since we can maintain endurance charges easily.

Can have up to 8K life with decent gears.

Always have Fortify.

10% life recovered when you warcry.

Stun immunity (with the passive Unwavering Stance, not from cyclone, it's nerfed already)

Gears/Items (details explained)
1, Unique Warstaff

Estimated cost: 20 chaos (excluding 6L cost)
The most cost-effective item for this build. You can get a rare staff with very high dps too, but that would be way more expensive.

2, Rare Helm

Estimated cost: 15 chaos (excluding crafting cost)
You need this enchant to boost your damage. Get a Shapered/Eldered one if possible. Just by a random helm with this enchant and craft it yourself (should be quite easy to craft this league).

3, Unique Body armour

Estimated cost: 50 chaos
Very straight forward, life and fire damage.

4, Rare Gloves

Estimated cost: ???
Try to get something with high life/res, and high accuracy rate. Ofc, get a shapered/eldered one if possible.

5, Rings

Estimated Cost: 1ex for the rare one, and 30-40 chaos for the unique one.
The classic combination, don't think I need to explain more about this. However, the rare one should be Unset Ring due to the lack of sockets, and the Assassin's Mark is good to have. Don't forget to get some accuracy rate on your ring if possible.

6, Amulet

Estimated Cost: 20c - 1ex (not sure)
Get as much stats you can, this is a Dex hunger build. Besides life/res, the damage mods you can get are (a shapered/eldered one is preferred):
- Crit multiplier. (a good one)
- Element Penetration.
- Extra phys as fire damage. (a nice one)
- Elemental damage for attacks
- Increased fire damage.
- Accuracy. (you'll probably need some accuracy too)
Important: annoint Deep Thoughts on your amulet, or you won't have enough mana. It's very cheap tho (Clear, Verdant and Violet).

7, Belt

Estimated cost: at least 20 chaos
Get something like this, life/res, and some damage if possible. Also a shapered/eldered one is preferred.

8, Boots

Estimated cost: 50-100 chaos
The only MUST have is the "supported by Fortify". Get high movement speed and high life/res if possible.
The best enchant you can get is "10% elemental res penetration if you didn't kill recently".
The interesting part is, enemies killed by your warriors are NOT considered "killed by you", thus as long as you don't kill anything with your cyclone, you can maintain this buff in any case.

9, Rare Jewels

Estimated cost: 5c to 30c, or even more.
The best mods are "%life" and "fire crit multi", just buy anything with these two mods if you don't have enough currency to spend, should be very cheap.
Tip: you can adjust only the %life or the crit mods by using the Garden craft, so you don't need to buy an "already high roll jewel".

10, Unique Jewel

Estimated cost: at least 50 chaos, up to 4 ex.
I bought this one for 80 chaos, it's good for this build since we use a fair amount of flasks.
You can also get the "crit multi Precision" Watcher's Eye if you want to min-max your damage, but that would be at least 3 ex.

11, Cluster Jewel

Estimated cost: 20c to 1ex.
We only need ONE medium cluster jewel with "exerted attacks" mods.
- The best you can get for general mapping is the combination of "Mob Mentality" and "Lead by Example".
- If you don't have an Awakened Melee Physical Damage, the best for damage is "Mob Mentality" and "Haunting Shout".
- If you do have an Awakened Melee Physical Damage, swap "Haunting Shout" to "Rattling Bellow".

12, Flaks

Cheap flasks, just make sure you have the immunity effects of bleed, chill/freeze and curse.

Overall view of my gears/items

5(6) link:
Consecrated Path - General's Cry - (Awakened)Melee Physical Damage - (Awakened)Elemental damage with Attacks - Pulverise - [if 6L](Awakened)Elemental Focus

4+1 link (boots with Fortify):
Cyclone - Desecrate - Cast while Channelling - Wave of Conviction
Auto corpse generator (for General's Cry), and auto fire exposure (-25% fire res) dealer.

- Clarity (level 3-5 should be enough)
- Precision (adjust the level based on your mana)
- Herald of Purity & Ash (damage buff)
- Blood and Sand (damage buff or AoE buff)

2L Totem:
Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Combustion
(For burst damage)

- Dash or Leap Slam or whatever you want for movement skill.
- Immortal Call (High level), cast it at least every 8 seconds for the 15% more damage buff (for tankiness too)

Tips for using General's Cry "automatically"
1, *you know what I'm saying*

2, Put something with enough weight to press your warcry button down, it will cast warcry on cooldown.

3, Set your warcry as left-click on your skill bar, and as long as you're moving around, you'll cast warcry automatically.
(I personally do not like it though, you'll stop crying whenver you stop moving or pick up some items.)

4, Use the NumLock trick.

Path of building code of my current character (July 6th, level 95)
and my Ninja link

I'm using PoB Fork Community.

Ninja (this might not be the same build in the future, I'll probably go for another build with this character):


A rough idea of the leveling tree

That's all for now.
Thank you so much for reading it and feel free to leave a comment/feedback!
Harvest endgame gear for the build:

Did not end up crafting a high pdps staff as with 7 siphoning charges, getting a staff with higher average damage would require a "mirror-tier" staff. Note that i mentioned average damage and not dps as high end rare staffs can have higher dps but less average damage.

Officially retiring soon, Had a blast with this build especially with harvest league. If it weren't for harvest i don't think i couldve pushed as much damage and life as i did. No kaoms but still sitting at 8k+ life

all gear was self crafted, most under 5ex to craft. some were a bit more troublesome. If anyone needs help/wants to craft the gear, PM me in game ign:CreamShoutz.
I got 5 ex is that enough for tier 16?
also is it tanky and how is the dmg
PS NO crafting gear plz :)
you could do decent with 5ex, definitely tier 16 should be ok. but you cant escaoe a little bit of crafting especially with the helmet. why not learn some crafts its harvest league after all. and yes its fairly tanky with the right amount of gear. a safe bet would be a 10ex investment.
What's the best anoint for this build? Seems like Tenacity would be, just want to confirm there isn't a better or more important option.
Fikison wrote:
What's the best anoint for this build? Seems like Tenacity would be, just want to confirm there isn't a better or more important option.

late reply but yes tenacity would be the "best"

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